Fortune on the Potential Fortune of Tablets


This is an interesting read on the potential fortune of Tablets from Fortune. Beginning with a quote from NVida that says “we’ve found our most personal computer” that is a morph of of a line often uttered in the days where only Microsoft was in the Tablet PC space, it is full of promise of […]

Toshiba Portégé M780 Tablet PC spotted


From the land of romance and pasta, NotebookItalia has the goods on the Toshiba Portégé M780 Tablet PC. A run through of the specs indicates it’s a pretty straightforward refresh of the M750, which itself is little changed from the M700. Hot specs are the Intel Core i3 and i5 processor options. It remains a […]

CES 2010: Toshiba’s bets big on CELL TV


Toshiba, being a major Tablet PC vendor, was a must-see on my press conference list. Nothing new presented in that area. Rather their focus was on TV, more specifically the CELL TV, the most powerful TV ever made. No, there’s nothing terribly mobile about a 50″ TV, but it could be the most powerful computer […]

Rumor: Asus to Buy Toshiba Notebook Biz

jkOnTheRun is linking to a DigiTimes report that has the Asus CEO Jonney Shih identifying Toshiba’s notebook business as a possible target to buy. That doesn’t mean it is a done deal by any means, but if there is any truth to the rumor, it would certainly be an interesting move. Asus has proven to […]

Toshiba Gets Into the Media Tablet Game with the JournE Touch


At the IFA conference Toshiba seems to be wowing some folks with the introduction of its JournE Touch Multimedia Tablet. Yes, the emphasis is on multimedia and no, the Tablet moniker isn’t what you would hope this might be. By all appearances it looks like the 7 inch device is aimed squarely at whatever mythic […]

Toshiba’s 10 Inch Dynabooks Enter the Netbook Fray


Toshiba is set to roll out a 10 inch form factor Netbook, using the Dynabook UX label. Initially we’re looking at this in Japan only, which is were we saw the previous Satelitte NB series roll out. Supposedly the UX series is a bit slimmer (even with a larger screen) than the Satelite series.

Toshiba’s Roadmap Features Snapdragon Based MIDs and Handhelds

toshiba-roadmap-2010-devices is showing off some pictures and charts that purport to offer Toshiba’s 2010 roadmap for mobile devices. Pretty pictures and a couple of things stand out. The devices are all running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform.   The L701 looks MID-like with its 7 inch screen and supposedly will run on a fuel cell.   The […]

Your Best Laptop Sticker Removal Tips

One of my biggest pet peeves are all the stickers that laptop / tablet pc OEMs plaster on the wrist pad of their computers: AMD, Intel, Wacom, Vista, Joe’s Diner – you name it, it’s on there. Come on OEMs – my computer is not on the NASCAR circuit and I don’t remember signing a […]

CES 2009: Rob’s Thoughts on the Show


It has been widely reported that attendance at CES 2009 was down. While it was much easier to walk around the halls without feeling like you were stuck in a New Your subway, we stayed busier than ever just trying to keep up with everything. There were definitely good products to see and great folks […]

New Toshiba Multi-Touch Portege Will Not Have Active Digitizer EMR In It

Toshiba Multi-Touch Portego Wacom

We brought you news on Saturday about Toshiba’s M750 prototype with Wacom’s Capacitive Touch digitizer being demoed (video and pictures!!). Shogmaster is telling us that Toshiba is NOT planning on including the active digitizer EMR in the capacitive touch solution, which means a pen won’t be included and you won’t be able to ink. This […]

Toshiba M750 With Wacom Capacitive Multi-Touch Demoed On Video


Shogmaster came through for us again, this time getting one on one time with a prototype Toshiba M750 Tablet PC running Wacom’s new capacitive touch digitizer. The demo was done using a custom program written to showcase the Wacom capacitive touch. No word on when this might be coming, but it tells us where Toshiba […]

CES 2009: Toshiba Concept Internet Devices


Sorry I didn’t get this up earlier, but other things intervened. Here are some pictures of Toshiba’s concept Internet devices. I love to see this kind of thing in concept, I’d love even more to seem them come to be. From MIDs to these concept devices we’re seeing lots of interesting future possibilities, but at […]

CES 2009: Visiting with Toshiba


As a Tablet PC guy I have to say that it was disappointing that Toshiba wasn’t launching a new Tablet PC at CES 2009 this year. But then it makes sense when you think of the timing. I’m sure we’ll see something new from Toshiba around Windows 7 time with multi-touch. They did have the […]

Toshiba NB105 Netbook

Toshiba’s also joining the netbook craze with the NB105. The keyboard is about as small as the Lenovo S10’s.

Toshiba Concept Internet Viewers

This was the concept display at the Toshiba booth. All of these devices seem to have a mock display with no details beyond the fact that they are all concepts.

Toshiba Concept Internet Viewers

Toshiba’s Network Stationary. Toshiba touts it as an ultra-slim device that allows for web browsing and syncing with a desktop, allowing instant access to the internet within a case the size of a small paper planner.

CES 2009: Detachable Screen UMPC Concept from Toshiba


OK, I’m not going to get excited by this detachable screen UMPC concept under glass because Toshiba used to tease us annually at CES with a detachable screen Tablet PC. That said, we’ll be taking a look at this on the floor and reporting more. Jenn at Pocketables gets the prize on this one for […]