Amazing Video Shows ‘Physical’ Buttons on iPhone Touch Screen

Physical buttons on touch screen

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the iPhone’s touch screen could magically go from flat to buttons when you want to make a call or need to type? Touchscreens that transform from flat to tactile in seconds are no longer science fiction, they are Tactus touch screens. Watch the demo of Tactus touch screens to see […]

Flashback: The Lenovo Yoga Before it Became the IdeaPad Yoga

Original Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

The IdeaPad Yoga is one of the hottest products at CES 2012, thanks to an innovative form factor and dual hinge design that lets you convert form an Ultrabook to a tablet in a mater of seconds. The IdeaPad Yoga looks great, and feel pretty amazing in your hand, but this isn’t the first time we have […]

Haptic Adapters Improve iPad, Tablet Touchscreen Experience


The Tokyo Institute of Technology is working to improve touchscreen input with a range of haptic adapters. The adapters, which can be attaced to your thumb or held like a brush, look pretty straight forward and I wouldn’t be surprised if these went from research to production overnight. In this video, a researcher shows how […]

HP Benchmarking: Battery Drain tx2051 vs tx2525


I had to run these test a few time to get it right as it was my first time using Battery Meter, but I figured everything out and finally have the results.   To make the tests more accurate, I used the same battery in each test.   I ran the test in the tx2525, […]

Dell Mini 9 Hacked for Touch


I think it is great that most Netbooks appear to be imminently hackable, and we’ve seen quite a few Netbooks modded to include a touch screen. Given that we’ve seen early news that Windows 7 will most likely be a decent experience on a Netbook, it begs the question as to how many Netbook OEMs […]