How to Type Faster and More Accurately on the iPhone

Caps Lock

It’s tough to beat the speed and accuracy of a physical keyboard, but with a few simple tricks and tips its easy to type faster and more accurately on the iPhone. While some users will long for a BlackBerry keyboard and might want to check out this physical iPhone keyboard case on Kickstarter. Read: Turn on AutoFill […]

TouchFire Aims to Make Typing Easier on the iPad 2

TouchFire_ The Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad by Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon — Kickstarter

Typing on touch screens is something that you either love or hate. Lots of sweat and energy go into developing new methods of getting info into our small mobile devices. On screen keyboards work for some and not for others. Some are looking at Apple’s Siri as a way to avoid keyboard entry. Certainly Swype […]