Can Your Eyes Replace Touch on Mobile?


Capacitive touch was a disruptive technology on smartphones when the iPhone debuted in 2007 as it didn’t require a stylus and offered a fluid experience without requiring users to apply pressure into the display with their fingernails. Now, companies are looking ahead to not only applying touch to new forms, but also to the eyes […]

As Voice Becomes the New Touch, Google Prepares for a Display-Less Phone


While hardware manufacturers are looking to the future of flexible displays to offer consumers larger screens that fold or roll up to become more compact for travel, Google is saying that we don’t even need the display anymore. The search giant, which has invested a lot of resources into the Google Search and Google Now […]

Tactile Touch Displays May Be Coming to the Next iPhone


Rumors of flexible displays coming out from LG and Samsung are beginning to shape what may be the future of mobile, and Apple is hoping to also capitalize on flexible display technology on its iPhone product in the future. A recently uncovered patent filing shows that Apple is considering the use of flexible displays, at […]

Google May Add Touch Gestures to Rear of Phones


Google had filed for a patent that could potentially bring a touch-sensitive controller to the rear side of the phone so users can interact with the back, rather than the primary touchscreen, for simple touch commands. The backside touch controller would be used for basic tasks, like scrolling, turning the page of an e-book, or […]

Acer Aspire M5 Ultrabooks Launch with Touch and Windows 8

M5-481T Win8 left facing

The Acer Aspire M5 Ultrabook line of notebooks with Windows 8 and an optional 10-finger multi-touch display launches on October 26th as a Best Buy exclusive. The launch of these new notebooks lines up with the consumer release of Windows 8 later this month, when consumers can expect to see an avalanche of Windows 8 notebooks, tablets […]

Acer Aspire S7 is a Super Thin, Touchscreen Windows 8 Ultrabook

Acer Aspire S7_391-20

Acer announces a notebook just 2.5mm thicker than the new iPad with a touchscreen capable of supporting 10-finger multitouch and Windows 8. If that doesn’t spark interest, the full 1080P HD resolution on both the 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch Aspire S7 Ultrabooks and 6 hour battery life should, especially with claims of up to 12 hours […]

Synaptics Introduces Force As New Dimension of Touch With ForcePad

Lenovo with in chassis retro-fit

With the launch of Windows 8 around the corner in October, Microsoft partner Synaptics, which has been known for its touchpad and creating touch screens on a variety of mobile devices, is showing us how the touchpad–or trackpad–is being re-imagined for touch. Not only will the click pads on laptops and ultrabooks for new Windows […]

Touchless Phones to Become the Future for Huawei


When Apple had announced the iPhone in 2007, it brought with it the disruptive technology known as capacitive touchscreen, and since then we’ve seen this employed on a number of handsets using various platforms such as Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, HP/Palm’s webOS, Nokia’s Symbian, and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS. Now, it seems that […]

iOS Apps That Touch You In All The Right Places


Last week Kevin brought the new iPad App, Paper, to your attention. The day before that I gave a “not ready for prime time” review of Taposé. Both of these Apps deserve recognition. Not just because they sprung from some of the minds that were behind the Microsoft Courier project, although there is something to […]

Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download

Microsoft has just released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the masses. This free download allows anyone with a compatible computer to test out Windows 8 before it is available in stores and on new computers. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is a beta of Windows 8, so you shouldn’t install it on your main […]

Google Trackpad Patent Hints at Lapdock Accessory for Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?


Google had recently filed a patent for multitouch trackpad gestures, potentially bringing new functionality to Chrome OS and the company’s Android OS. However, another potential, rather than the merely using Android on a laptop or desktop system, would be the trackpad as an application for Google’s scalability feature that comes with the next-generation Android 5.0 […]

The Great Tablet Massacre of 2011

Mountain Meadows Massacre, T.B.H. Stenhouse, 1873

What was once a field of dreams two years ago is now littered with casualties. Hopes and hype have been dashed. Strategies have been changed and are changing again. Generals have fallen. The fortunes of competitors have been ransacked, as others continue to enrich their treasuries. The fallout thus far will most likely be just […]

New Touch-Friendly Music Player Coming to Windows 8?


When Microsoft releases its Windows 8 operating system next year, which will be optimized for tablets, the OS may be accompanied by a new music and media player that will also get the same finger-friendly, touch-optimized treatment. Screenshots of the new media player have been leaked out via Winunleaked. The player will allow users to […]

Kindle Fire Firestorm About Touch Is Much Ado About Android


Lots of folks are picking up on a study that says users are having some “fat finger” difficulty with Touch on the Kindle Fire. All of the Apple lovers are saying this affirms Steve Jobs’ comments that Tablets in a 7 inch form factor just won’t work. Time may indeed prove Jobs correct, but quite […]

HP Talks About Notebook Designs, Windows 8, Touch, Ultrabooks

Northwest Harris-20110927-00093

This article is cross-posted on I had joined HP on a press tour earlier this week where the company was showing off its business-class EliteBook notebooks, which is an elegant aluminum-clad enterprise notebook that boasts rugged features that are tested using military specs. During the company’s presentation on design, notebooks design head Stacy Wolff […]

Amazon Launches the Kindle Touch for $99

Amazon Touch EasyReach

At their long-awaited tablet announcement, Amazon unveiled their new Amazon Kindle Touch. The Touch is a touch e-ink book reader for $99 with no keyboard, but rather an infrared touch screen which allows you to quickly turn pages and interact with your eBooks or periodicals on-screen instead of the old buttons the current generation device includes. […]