Does Snow Leopard Hint at Apple Touch Devices To Come?


I’ve maintained that since Apple introduced Coverflow into its OS that it was headed towards touch devices. Certainly on the iPhone and iPod Touch Coverflow gives you all sorts of touchy goodness. Then Apple crossed things up and integrated Touch into its trackpad and not on the screen. With the advent of the avalanche of […]

The Mimo 720-S External Touchscreen


Is your Netbook screen too small? Do you just want to reach and touch something on your screen? The Mimo 720-S external touchscreen might be just the think. Small, and compact, this screen will apparently unfold to any angle you desire and via a USB port extend your Netbook’s screen. That same USB cable powers […]

3G Enabled Apple Tablet Set for Early 2010


Apple Insider is reporting that the much talked about Apple Tablet is set for an early 2010 appearance.  The brainchild of Steve Jobs, the Apple Tablet will feature a 10″ touchscreen and 3G.  Apple Insider reports that Jobs had been working behind the scenes during his medical leave, maintaining direct control of the Apple Tablet. […]

GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes on the Asus Eee PC Tablet


My lovely wife Thomasin loves to use a Netbook. She got started with the original Asus Eee PC and uses the HP Mini 1000 now. When she saw the Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet that I was reviewing she got excited and wanted to check it out. As is our custom, we captured her first […]

GBM Shortcut: Windows 7 Touch and Browser Scrolling Demo


Browsing with your finger in Windows 7 is going to be a different experience across each browser and Windows 7 system. As demonstrated in this GBM Shortcut video, the experience will be based upon the type of touch digitizer your system has, whether the system is Windows 7 Touch logo certified, and what type of […]

Win an HP dx9000 TouchSmart PC


Attention all developers: is giving away an HP dx9000 TouchSmart PC. All you have to do to win is develop a compelling touch application. Watch for details over on

CNet Restates the Obvious: Apple Snow Leopard Offers Tablet Hints

I don’t mean to be knocking CNet or columnist Erica Ogg over this, but anyone who has followed Touch, Apple Tablet rumors, the iPhone, and just about anything else, realizes by now that Apple’s continually evolving OSX operating system is offering more and more features that could be added up in a speculation equation to […]

Triangulate On This Soft Keyboard

Having trouble hitting those keys on your touch tablet pc or smart phone? David Baker, a British inventor, aims to fix that with his “crocodile keyboard”. He claims that users are more likely to hit the correct key because there is a lot more dead space around the keys than in traditional keyboards. Baker is […]

GBM InkShow: Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7


In this video InkShow, I take a quick look at the multi-touch applications that will be a part of the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7: Surface Collage, Rebound, Blackboard, Garden Pond, Surface Globe, and the Surface Lagoon screen saver.   Microsoft Surface technology can be felt all over this pack, from the screensaver to […]

Microsoft readying Touch Pack for Windows 7

Ed Bott writes about his experiences with Windows 7 multitouch and a heretofore unannounced Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. The Windows 7 team blog writes about the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 here. I’ll say this for the ol’ Windows team. They’re definitely trying. I said in GBM podcast #68 that Microsoft ought […]

Touchpanel Lab Shows Off Some New Touchscreen Tech


Touchpanel Laboratores is showing off some new 9 point detection technology.  As the article says, there aren’t too many more details just yet, but it’s still another touchpanel for us to lay our fingers on!  Of note as well is the mention of the ‘Curved Touchpanel screen — Imaging the possibilities!

HP Australia Giving Away TouchSmart tx2 Tablet PCs

HP TouchSmart tx

Do you “live in the land down under” and have been wanting to get your fingers all over a multi-touch tablet pc? Then head over to HP Australia where they are giving away an HP TouchSmart tx2 Tablet PC. All you have to do is tweet an answer to their question of the week. Contest […]

Bugs and Your Touch Screen

Scanning Friendfeed this morning I ran across this from Layne Heiny. [Touch Screen Problem]: A huge issue is trying to work late at night or early morning. I keep the lights off so others can sleep. Unfortunately, this means the light from the computer attracts bugs. The bugs land and change the page I am […]

Windows 7 RC Touch + N-Trig First Impressions: Touch is Good, Ink Needs Work


N-Trig released their Windows 7 RC 2.59 multi-touch drivers for the Dell XT,Dell  XT2, andHP  TX2 yesterday and I just finished going through the install. Before installing this new version, make sure you 1) download the correct version for your particular computer, 2) uninstall the previous version through the Control Panel / Uninstall Program feature […]

Tablet, Touch, and Windows 7 RC

With Microsoft’s release of Windows 7 RC to the MSDN and TechNet community, lots of folks have been busy downloading, burning, and installing. Immediately after coming home from the hospital yesterday, I skipped a much needed nap and much more necessary shower to get Windows 7 RC installed on my recently repaired Dell Latitude XT […]

Apparently Hammer ‘Can Touch This’


I just took the inaugural Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Orange County and had a chance to chat with a bunch of interesting people.  Justine Ezarik, Eliane Fiolet, Karen, Beth Blecherman and several other bloggers were on board. I sat between Virgin’s CFO and a Google Labs marketing exec, who’s responsible for promoting […]

Ed Bott and Windows 7 Starter Edition

We’ve written a lot about Windows 7 Starter Edition and so has everybody else. We’ve also had a lot of objections to the concept from both a marketing standpoint and the 3 application limit that the Starter Edition will come with. Ed Bott has taken a serious look at that 3 app limit and put […]

It’s the Customer Experience, Stupid!

Software Advice writes today about how they wish a Mac Tablet would materialize, especially as applied to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Coincidentally, Forrester Research also writes about customer experience, namely how the Windows experience ranks behind OS X. The common bond behind the two posts being that customer experience matters. In today’s battered economy, capital […]