Can Hip-Hop Bring Touch Computing Mainstream?

Touch computing is still a relatively geeky subject, which is why I was somewhat surprised to see the HP TouchSmart featured in a new Black Eyed Peas video. I’m not sure if this is a paid product placement or not, but it did get me thinking about how influential hip-hop artists are and whether one […]

Toshiba’s Roadmap Features Snapdragon Based MIDs and Handhelds

toshiba-roadmap-2010-devices is showing off some pictures and charts that purport to offer Toshiba’s 2010 roadmap for mobile devices. Pretty pictures and a couple of things stand out. The devices are all running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform.   The L701 looks MID-like with its 7 inch screen and supposedly will run on a fuel cell.   The […]

The Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M Reviewed


Steve ““Chippy” Paine has been giving the Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M Tablet a good look-see an has put up a number of pictures and thoughts about the 10 inch Tablet in this review. In case you missed it there is a video of the Chippy and jkkmobile checking the device out and showing it off. The […]

TechCrunch’s CrunchPad Tablet Makes a Showing – Pretty Sexy!


TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington just posted up some pictures on Posterous and Facebook of his much talked about CrunchPad tablet. I’m sure they will be posting up some details on TechCrunch soon, but until then, all we have are these pictures. Notice the orange one in the background behind the white one. Pretty sexy, huh? Update: […]

So Who Owns Touch?


Another story about legal maneuvering about touch surfaced yesterday. This one features Taiwanese company Elan Microelectronics suing Apple over alleged infringement of two touch screen patents. This comes in the wake of Apple’s previous threats to Palm over touch and multi-touch on the eagerly anticipated Palm Pre. Elan apparently has some past history to fall […]

Touch and Gorilla Arm


As we were recording the latest GBM Podcast I mentioned to Hilton and Xavier that I had recently heard about a condition called Gorrilla Arm that related to touch screens. According to some sources (here and here) Gorilla Arm was a factor in the demise of vertically orientated touch screen technology in the 1980’s. Others […]

Touch and Windows 7

Reed Townsend, Dave Matthews, and Ian LeGrow have put up a post on the Engineering Windows 7 Blog about all things Touch in Windows 7. It is definitely worth a read. Windows Touch is designed to enhance how you interact with a PC. For those of us that have been living and breathing touch for […]

Rare Touchscreen iMac Surfaces on Craigslist


While not a mobile device, our fascination with all things touch at GBM has us wanting to learn more about this rare, early generation iMac with an installed touchscreen.   The seller’s brief description tells us that these limited edition iMacs were originally used in kiosks requiring touch input.   A measly $70 OBO will […]

Catching Up With David Arpino, Our HP Magic Giveaway Winner

I always love a contest that has such positive outcomes – our HP Magic Giveaway contest from last year being a perfect example. Just yesterday I received an email from David Arpino, the contest winner, updating me with how he’s using the TouchSmart and how the Restoration House Projection is continuing to use their HP […]

Dell Studio One All-in-One Headed to US This Spring


Those in Japan get it early, but word is that the Dell Studio One all-in-one is headed stateside later this spring at a price starting at $700. This touch-screen all-in-one sure looks pretty, and it appears to pack a punch, but there’s a catch. The touch-screen, like some of the other options are add ons […]

Samsung Q1EX-71G Now Available to Order, $749

Samsung Q1EX-71G

Samsung has gotten official on us, unwrapping the details behind their new UMPC – the Q1EX-71G that we first spotted at CES 2009. The Q1EX-71G goes for $749 at, but it can be had at for as low as $729.99. Specs: 1.2 ghz Via Nano ULV U2500 2GB ram 60 gb harddrive 4 […]

jkkmobile Shows off the GigaByte Touch Note M1028 on Video


I’ve been waiting for good friend jkkmobile to post this video from CeBIT. The GigaByte Touch Note M1028 like the Asus Eee PC T91Go offers a convertible touch screen in addition to its Netbook goodness. Obviously we aren’t looking at multi-touch here, and indeed jkk says we’ve got a soft touch screen on the Touch […]

GigaByte Unveils New Touch Screen Tablets at CeBIT


CeBIT is seeing some interesting mobile releases this year. GigaByte is unveiling what they are calling the Touch Note M1028, which is a touch screen Tablet running an Atom N280 processor at 1.66GHz. It also comes with a 160GB hard drive. There are four flavors of the M1028: The M1028M and the M1028G feature a […]

A Microsoft Vision for 2019


Long Zheng of istartedsomething has uncovered video from Microsoft Office Labs that shows the vision for 2019. I have to say what we see in the video looks pretty amazing and I’m sure we’d all like to get where this video shows us going. A number of the technologies we’re seeing in their infancy today […]

Touch Enhancements in Windows 7 Release Candidate

With the Windows 7 Release Candidate about to roll out Chaltanya Sareen on the Engineering Windows 7 Blog is detailing some of the changes that have been made since the public beta. Notable amongthe 36 features highlighted are some enhancements for touch and multi-touch. Check them out after the jump.

1987 Apple Video Shows Concept Knowledge Navigator


This has been a week for flash back to the past videos. First we had this on Tablet PCs, now Google Blogoscoped has hit the way back machine to offer up this concept video from Apple to show off the Knowledge Navigator. This 1987 concept video was apparently meant to inspire engineers within Apple to […]

Hands on Video with the Asus T91 Touch UI


The Asus T91 Tablet has been a hot topic for quite some time. We got to see it at CES 2009 but all they had were prototypes that were alas not really touchable as far as the UI goes. Well, Sascha from has gotten his hands on one in Tapei and has put together […]

Archos to Launch 9” Tablet in 2010?

Interesting. Steve ““Chippy” Paine managed to find some info in a press release from Archos that sure makes it look like the Portable Media Player (PMP) manufacturer is going to be releasing a 9 inch Tablet later this year. Here’s a look at a translation snippet from the press release:

XRay App Marries Microsoft Surface and Apple iPhone

Ok – this is an absolutely cool app from Stimulant – place your iPhone on a Microsoft Surface, and then you’ll see an x-ray type of picture on the phone. Zoom the picture on the Surface, and the picture zooms on the iPhone. Connect multiple iPhones together and pan across multiple pictures on a Surface. […]