Saying Goodbye to the HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad

Like many I was stunned at the news from HP last week that they were dropping their interest in webOS hardware. Like some I think it is probably the beginning of the end of webOS, even with many (including HP) saying it might still have a life. I was more amused than stunned at the […]

HP Accidentally Created a Demand for the TouchPad By Killing It


Despite writing an article saying that no one should buy an HP Touchpad, I found myself looking for one this past weekend. Why the turnabout? I’d say it’s the $99 discount price! I imagined HP would drop the TouchPad to $300 or maybe even $250, but never to $100. The marketing move by HP generated a demand for […]

HP Stock Price Down on WebOS and Possible PC Spinoff


Investors aren’t feeling so great about HP (HPQ) after the company announced that it would discontinue the HP TouchPad and webOS devices, investigate selling the Personal Systems Group and purchase the software company Autonomy Corporation. As the market begins to open, HP is down 16% in after hours trading on the news and the third […]

HP to Explore Hardware Partners for webOS


HP dropped an absolute bombshell on the tech world today. It’s killing the HP TouchPad, its webOS tablet, and it will not be releasing any further webOS powered smartphones. The HP Pre 3 never had a chance. So, now what? The logical guess has been that HP intends on licensing webOS out to hardware makers. […]

Why Didn’t Tablet Buyers Want to Touch the TouchPad?

HP TouchPad

When we learned that Best Buy couldn’t move the HP TouchPad we weren’t surprised, but today’s news that HP would discontinue the device and essentially pull out of the consumer slate tablet race did catch us off guard. As I began to think about it, I’m not really that surprised that the TouchPad didn’t get […]

Don’t Buy a HP TouchPad, Pre or Veer — No Matter How Cheap

HP TouchPad

The shot heard ’round the tablet world today came from HP, at least for this week, as they ceased production of WebOS devices entirely. As a result you may begin to see steep discounts on the many WebOS devices already in stores as they try to unload a dead product. Don’t be fooled. Do not buy an […]

HP Should Refund all TouchPad Owners Straight Up

hp touchpad - Google Images

OK, look, not one every starts out to create a dud. There’s a saying in the theatre biz that no company starts out to do a bad show. But bad shows happen. Bad products and bad receptions of products happen all the time. It’s a fact of life. So, why am I calling for HP […]

Who Should Buy WebOS? [Vote]

HP webOS logo

HP dropped a bomb today, announcing that the company will discontinue WebOS Devices including the TouchPad and WebOS mobile devices. The news comes right ahead of the HP earnings call and after numerous HP TouchPad price cuts and reports of unsold stock taking up too much shelf space at Best Buy. It’s a bit surprising to see […]

HP Kills webOS in a Slew of What’s Next Announcements

hp touchpad - Google Images

Wham! Bam! Can you say changes? Looks like HP isn’t wasting anymore time with webOS after a lackluster start. In a slew of announcements in its quarterly earnings call HP says it will discontinue operations for webOS devices. It also said that it will look for ways to maximize the value of the webOS software […]

Consumers Aren’t Touching HP’s TouchPad


Sales figures at big box retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Fry’s Electronics suggest that the TouchPad is lagging behind HP’s and retail expectations for the debut webOS tablets. The situation is so bad that retailers are now asking Hewlett Packard, which had acquired webOS from its Palm buyout, to take back inventory of the […]

HP TouchPad Gets Affordable $100 Discount This Weekend Only


This weekend–and this weekend only–if buy the webOS-enabled HP TouchPad direct from HP, you will get a $100 discount on the slate. Between August 5th through Augsust 7th, the base 16 GB WiFi-only 10-inch TouchPad will now cost $399, or $100 less than the base price for Apple’s comparable 16 GB WiFi-only iPad 2. In […]

The HP TouchPad webOS 3.0.2 Update: Steps in the Right Direction


After testing out the HP’s webOS 3.0.2 update for the TouchPad, I can say that HP has taken some steps in the right direction for its first webOS Tablet. There are improvements that are easily noted, most notably in terms of speed and how the screen responds to the touch controls. In my usage, I […]

HP Releases the Eagerly Awaited webOS Update (v 3.02 68)


HP promised that an update for webOS 3.0 was coming in July. August 1 technically isn’t July, but when you’re dealing with these kind of things, I guess you might want to call it close enough. Word was that it would begin trickling out this morning. The Over the Air Update (OTA) update finally hit […]

Staples Coupon Will Slice $100 Off Any Tablet (No iPads Though)

staples tablets

If you’re in the market for an Android, ASUS, or *gasp* Blackberry (the email-less wonder) tablet, we have a deal for you. As Cameron Summerson over at Android Police pointed out, Staples has issued a coupon that will cut $100 off of any tablet purchase in their stores through the end of July. Among the slates […]

HP TouchPad Price Already Falls at Amazon, Best Buy

HP TouchPad

The webOS-powered HP TouchPad has been out for less than two weeks and already we are seeing the tablet drop in price at both Amazon and Best Buy. Amazon has slashed the price of the 16GB by $10 dropping it to $489.99 and slashing the price of the larger 32GB to $572.65. As for Best […]

First webOS TouchPad Update Coming in About 10 Days?

HP touchpad

James Kendrick links to some information that we might be seeing the first webOS TouchPad update around the end of July or so. In a article on HP’s realignment is the following excerpt: Bradley said in an interview that July 1 was a “soft launch’’ for the TouchPad and that more advertising will start […]