SQUEEGiT is a Squeegee for Touch Screens


SQUEEGiT is another screen cleaning solution for touch screens and laptops with touch screens from Clean Gear. The company says it is the first in a new category of “portable squeegee cleaning systems” where you don’t just wipe your screen clean with a microfiber cloth but squeegee it like you would your car windows at […]

The Toddy Cleans My iPad Screen in Style – Stylish Cleaning Cloth

The Toddy microfiber cleaning cloth

Named for its creator and not an old-fashioned hot drink, The Toddy is a simple microfiber cleaning cloth for touch screens and other special surfaces that don’t do well when wiped with typical cloths that could scratch. There isn’t too much to a microfiber cleaning cloth. If it cleans it’s a win and if it doesn’t it’s […]

HTC Launching Trace Keyboard on Sensation to Compete with Swype

HTC Trace on the HTC Sensation

The newly announced HTC Sensation smartphone will not only come with a number of new hardware specs, but will also launch with a new software keyboard called HTC Trace. HTC Trace will be competing against Swype to provide users with a different method of entering text on a touchscreen smartphone. Rather than pecking away at […]

Apple Responsible for BlackBerry PlayBook Delay?


Apple may be the culprit behind Research in Motion‘s delayed launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which is now said to be delayed for up to a month after the April 19th release date. According to a report by DigiTimes, RIM may be having difficulties in securing enough touchscreen displays for the company’s $500 7-inch […]

T-Mobile Nokia Astound Rumored for April Release


The T-Mobile Astound, which is widely believed to the the Nokia C7 model re-badged for the U.S. carrier, will be coming April 6th for a mere $80 on contract. As a more budget-conscious smartphone that features some nice high-end features, the Astound will only be a 3G smartphone and won’t support T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network. […]

HTC Ignite Windows Phone 7 Image Leaked, But Specs Seem Dubious


Images for an un-released HTC Ignite have surfaced showing a Windows Phone 7 device that has similar design cues to the HTC Desire HD and the Inspire 4G. The image was provided from Chinese-based website xda.cn and shows a slate-style smartphone with a large touchscreen and three touch buttons on the bottom of the screen […]

GDC 2011: Razer Switchblade Video Demo


We were at Intel’s booth at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California where we had noticed a small, portable gaming device from Razer called the Switchblade. According to the company, the Switchblade right now is still an early prototype or concept device, and Razer wouldn’t disclose any formal specs on this diminutive gaming PC other […]

HP goes deep with 60 degree tilt on new TouchSmart all-in-ones


When it comes to touchscreen all-in-ones, one thing all of us seem to agree on is that they need to be tilt-adjustable. Upright is great for watching video and standard desktop operation, but for extensive touchscreen operation, most people prefer a leaned-back screen. Well, HP’s got that well-covered with their new TouchSmart610 and TouchSmart 9300 […]

Synaptics ClearPad 1100 Could Make Resistive Touchscreens Obsolete (Video)


With the rise of the iPhone, many handset-makers have tried to replicate Apple’s success with capacitive touchscreen displays, abandoning old technologies such as resistive touchscreens. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both touchscreen technologies, for now, gesture support, ease and accuracy of tapping, and the ability to use high-end materials, such as Gorilla Glass, […]

Apple Patenting Hover Sensing Technologies for Touchscreens


Apple has filed a patent application for developing hover sensing capacitive touchscreens, which could find implementation on iPhones and iPads. Rather than requiring users to actively tap on the screen to register input, Apple’s patent would extend the electrical field outwards so users can hover their fingers over a touchscreen without requiring them to press […]

Android Cowon D3 Plenue PMP to Challenge Galaxy Player, iPod Touch


The Cowon D3 Plenue is an Android 2.1-powered music player that looks like a phone, but eschews the phone radio to be a portable music player. With a touchscreen, smartphone OS, and a number of high-end features, the device will compete in the same market as Apple’s iPod Touch and Samsung’s Galaxy Player. The device […]

Hitachi projected capacitive touchscreens on video


A projected capacitive touchscreen from Hitachi, previously named as a potential iPhone upgrade, sneaked out on a YouTube video from DigInfo. It demonstrates stylus input and contact through gloves, as well as multi-touch input. However, I don’t peg it as being an option for iPhone.

Next iPhone Capacitive Touchscreen Could be Compatible with Glove-Wearing Users


Apple’s next-generation iPhone could utilize a touchscreen display from Hitachi Displays that will work with gloves and other insulators, meaning non-conductive surfaces, in addition to fingertips. The problem with the current generation iPhone is that it requires finger contact, and won’t work with gloves–for users in colder environments, stylus or pens, and other materials, but […]

Barnes & Noble activates the NOOKcolor option


The year was 2010. The eReader wars had heated up to boiling. e-ink devices were deployed by numerous factions, big and small. Everyone expected Amazon to be the one to up the ante, but they weren’t. Barnes & Noble launched first. The war changed that day – everything changed – that day when they went […]

jkOnTheRun shares a pair of Windows 7 touch interfaces


Our good friend James Kendrick has a run down of two touch interface overlays for Windows 7 tablets, Thinix Touch and Mirabyte FrontFace, both shown off on his TEGA v2. Slick looking interface environments. Very informative video from James. But ultimately, overlays like these only cover up the problems beneath.

HP TouchSmart Software Gets More Touchable


HP’s refreshing the touch interface on its all-in-one PCs. The Touchsmart 600 and the newly minted Toucsmart 310 appear to have a heavily customized version of Thinix running on top of Windows 7. The Touchsmart’s UI is much more fluid and touch applications are no longer required to run in full screen, offering a little […]

Haptic Adapters Improve iPad, Tablet Touchscreen Experience


The Tokyo Institute of Technology is working to improve touchscreen input with a range of haptic adapters. The adapters, which can be attaced to your thumb or held like a brush, look pretty straight forward and I wouldn’t be surprised if these went from research to production overnight. In this video, a researcher shows how […]

Apple patents touchscreen convertible designs for Macs


Patently Apple has put together an analysis of a patent Apple filed in Europe that describes a system for Macs to convert between their standard configurations and touch-centric configurations. PA believes it will switch automatically between Mac OS X and iOS. I’m not so sure.

Turn an iPad Into a Wireless Touchscreen Display for Your PC


Air Display, a nifty little app that turns iPads and iPhones into wireless secondary displays, now works with Windows. The Windows driver is in beta (available here). This is one of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded and use it on a regular basis when using my MacBook Pro. Using an iPad as a secondary […]