How to Take Passport Photos on iPhone

Learn how to take a DIY passport photo on iPhone.

If you want to take DIY passport photos you don’t need magic or patience, you need to learn how to take passport photos on iPhone using an app that creates an easy to print 4 x 6 inch photo with six passport photos. We’ll show you how to take passport photos with your iPhone without the need […]

5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone


Your iPhone is one of the most important pieces of technology that you can have with you when you’re traveling, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Here are five of the best travel apps for iPhone that are sure to make your traveling easier and less stressful. There certainly isn’t a shortage […]

Flyers Could Soon Be Plagued by ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ Chatter


Two U.S. regulatory agencies are exploring a measure that could result in the ban against phone calls made during a flight to be lifted, which means that flyers could continue to conduct phone calls during a flight. Though the move may be welcomed by business travelers who do not want a lengthy flight to interrupt […]

Southwest Airlines Offering iMessage In-Flight for $2


In an effort to put an interesting twist on in-flight WiFi options, Southwest Airlines has announced that passengers can get access to Apple’s iMessage messaging service for only $2 per day. By paying with two George Washingtons, iOS users can chat with their friends and family while in the air, providing a cheap and barebones […]

Southwest Airlines First to Offer Gate-to-Gate WiFi Service

Image Credit: Gordon Werner

After the FAA decided to allow mobile devices to be used during take-off and landing last month, numerous airlines have changed their policies as well, allowing passengers to use their smartphones or tablets from gate to gate. However, Southwest Airlines is going a step further and will allow flyers to use the airline’s WiFi service […]

Finally, an Affordable Global Hotspot Plan for Travelers

An affordable global hotspot plan.

Globalgig is an affordable personal hotspot and plan for travelers that delivers connectivity in the U.S. and abroad with plans starting as low as $17 a month for 1 GB of data. The Globalgig personal hotspot retails for $119 and can connect up to five devices, such as a laptop, a smartphone and an iPad […]

iPad mini: A Great Travel Companion


People often ask the question: Can an iPad replace a laptop? That always depends on what the person plans to do with said laptop or iPad, but for simple travel it definitely can. But what of the iPad mini? Can it replace a laptop or even the larger 10-inch iPad for a long trip? In […]

Globalgig Launches Affordable Mobile Hotspot for International Travelers


If you’re a traveler destined for the U.S., the UK, or Australia, then Globalgig‘s hotspot solution may help you cut high international data charges. Travelers to foreign countries usually either have to get an unlocked phone–or unlock their phones themselves–and use a local SIM card for more affordable voice and data calls, or pay roaming […]

Scottevest Transformer Jacket Review (Video)

ScotteVest Transformer Jacket balloon

The Scottevest Transformer Jacket is my new favorite piece of Scottevest gear and an essential travel companion. Scottevest clothing and vests include a number of strategically placed pockets to carry everything from phones to tablets and all the other items one needs while on a trip. I wore the Scottevest Transformer Jacket on a week-long trip to San Francisco […]

Verizon MiFi 4620L Review: Perfect for Travel

MiFi 4620L review - airport

The Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620L is the perfect travel companion, delivering a fast 4G LTE connection, long battery life and overcoming areas where the early MiFi units struggled. We’ve already reviewed the MiFi Jetpack 4620L, but this past week I took a trip to San Francisco, where I put the MiFI 4620L through the paces […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Review: A Decent Travel Companion

Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Release Date Still Unknown

I recently took a road trip my new Samsung Galaxy Note and it performed great for a few things – entertainment, GPS, and note-taking at the convention I attended. However, my positive experience with the Galaxy Note soured a bit on this trip due to the horrible battery life. The Big Screen Shines Bright We […]

GottaBeFunded: Arctic Flight iPad Case is a Perfect Fit for Flyers

Arctic Flight IPad Case Attaches to Tray

The Arctic Flight iPad case is the most impressive iPad case for travelers and flyers I’ve seen. We’ve seen iPad cases designed to sit on the tray table, but this is the first iPad case that uses the tray table to transform into the ultimate flying companion by mounting to the seat in front of […]

Should I Buy a Notebook, iPad or Netbook for Travel?

iPad 2 for travel

Professor X was planning a laptop-free trip to Israel Palestine, but thanks to a new deadline she needs to complete a proof of her new book within days of her return. After consulting with travelers to the region, who suggested not leaving the laptop in her hotel, she was ready to buy a great backpack to keep her notebook […]

DuraLink iPhone Cable Review: Shortest iPhone Cable

Shortest iPhone Charging Cable

The DuraLink iPhone Cable is a small iPhone charging cable that fits in pockets, purses and backpacks to turn any USB port into an iPhone charger. There are many retractable and short iPhone charging cables, but the Joy Factory DuraLink iPhone Cable is my new favorite, earning a permanent place in my gear bag. The DuraLink iPhone Cable is just 3-inches long. […]

Why I love In-Flight WiFi Even Though I’m on a Couch

In Flight WIFi

I am in love with in flight WiFi. But, unlike many of the reviews of in flight WiFi, I’m not on a plane, or even planning to travel. I’m sitting on my couch, completely enamored with In-Flight WiFi from GoGo. Why is in flight WiFi so great for someone who is sitting on a couch […]