How to Pack for a Trip with No Luggage


Rolf Potts is on a bag-free journey around the world. I’m drawing some inspiration from his videos, both in terms of packing lighter and planning my next trip. In a video post, he shows us exactly how he packed up his ScottEvest clothing with his gear. The only gadgetry he brought with him to blog […]

The No Baggage Challenge


Travel writer Rolf Potts is kicking off a six week trip around the world and he’s not taking a single piece of luggage. In fact, he’s not taking a bag of any kind, instead stuffing what he needs in his ScotteVest tropical jacket and cargo pants. Both of these garments are excellent for trips of […]

Why Are So Few People Using In-Flight Wi-Fi?


I’m a big fan of in-flight Wi-Fi and have used it every time I fly when it’s offered. One of the main reasons I fly Virgin America when possible is because GoGo is available on every flight. But according to a USA Today article I’m in the minority. The most optimistic estimates are that less than 10% of passengers […]

Aloft Hotel Loves Geeks


Traveling with a bag full of computers and gadgets can be a real pain. One of the most frustrating things I deal with when traveling is that most hotel rooms simply aren’t set up for guests traveling with multiple computers, cameras and mobile devices. There’s rarely enough AC outlets to plug more than a couple […]

TSA: iPads, Netbooks, Small Devices Can Stay in Your Bag


The TSA clarified that there’s no need to remove devices smaller than a laptop from your carry-on bags before running them through x-ray machines. In a blog post, the TSA stated: Electronic items smaller than the standard sized laptop should not need to be removed from your bag or their cases. It’s that simple. TSA […]

American Airlines Widget Shows in-Flight WiFi Availability

American Airline offers WiFi on board 165 of its airplanes, but until now it’s been pretty much impossible to know if you’d actually get to fly on one of them. The airline’s created a widget ( that you can use to find out if you can get online during your next flight. The service is […]