More East Coast Amtrak Routes Get Free WiFi

amtrakconnect wifi

Good news for travelers who prefer the train over the plane: Amtrak is bringing Wi-Fi to more of its train routes. Starting today on the East Coast (with California to follow by the end of the year), train riders will be able to surf to their heart’s content via AmtrakConnect. This follows the addition of […]

Aloft Hotel Loves Geeks


Traveling with a bag full of computers and gadgets can be a real pain. One of the most frustrating things I deal with when traveling is that most hotel rooms simply aren’t set up for guests traveling with multiple computers, cameras and mobile devices. There’s rarely enough AC outlets to plug more than a couple […]

XCom Global Offers Unlimited 3G Rentals for Globetrotters

Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 8.53.28 AM

XCom Global announced a new high-speed wireless data rental service that I may need to try out on my next trip overseas. The most intriguing part of this service is that they offer MiFi cards, which means I could actually use my iPhone 3GS when traveling abroad. The company’s Unlimited aXcess plan is only $14.95 per day […]