HTC: Still Evaluating Phablet Market, But Says Consumers Want Sub-5-Inch


We had a casual sit down conversation with Jeff Gordon of HTC Americas at the Consumer Electronics Show and we asked about the company’s plans for the emerging phablet market and the competitive tablet market. According to HTC, the company is still trying to evaluate the phablet market, but in general consumers do not want […]

Can the Lumia 920 Kick Start the Wireless Charging Trend?

Nokia Lumia 920 Wireless Charging

Today Nokia announced the Lumia 920, the flagship Windows Phone 8 device, with wireless. Wireless charging isn’t new. We’ve seen wireless charging backs for some Android devices and cases like the PowerMat iPhone case. We’ve even seen a push for built-in wireless charging from HP and Palm, but that didn’t end well. This push for […]

Interactive Smartphone Map Highlights iPhone and Android Demographics

Smartphone Demographic trends

As smartphones become an extension of us, way we identify ourselves in public and online, we are starting to see new demographic trends matching up to smartphone ownership. Whether you have an iPhone, are waiting for an iPhone 5, or are toting an Android or BlackBerry, you can check out an¬†interesting¬†interactive smartphone map to see […]