New Android Market Malware Could Infect 5 Million Users

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Google’s Android Market is now suffering the largest case of malware with Symantec reporting that 17 applications found on the company’s app store to be affected. The anti-virus software-maker recommends that if users find that they had installed any of the 17 affected apps, that they either uninstall the apps or restore their devices to […]

Latest Android Trojan Can Record Your Phone Calls

Android Trojan

Trojan viruses aren’t new to Android. Malware has popped up in the past and nefarious individuals will continue to plague Google’s mobile software with them. However, the latest one, discovered by security firm CA, is up there with the worst of them. Previous Trojan’s have been able to log phone call details but this new […]

Geinimi Trojan Virus Hits Android Platform


Mobile security app Lookout has spotted a new Trojan virus by the name of Geinimi, which is targeted at Android handsets. For the most part, most Android users will probably have little to worry about if they remain within Google’s ecosystem and download apps only from Android Market, Google’s official app store for the platform. […]