6 Best Twitter Apps To Celebrate Twitter’s 6th Birthday


Twitter turns six years old today. In dog years, the site is 37 years old, which matches how long it feels like Twitter has been in our lives. In that short time the site has become a way to share and spread news, organize revolutions, and overshare to a ridiculous degree. Twitter’s users generate over […]

Tweetcaster for Android Updated – Adds Voice Tweets


Yes, I am writing to inform you about a single Twitter App for Android that has a dot release update. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I love Twitter and I love trying new Twitter apps. I especially love when a Twitter app adds a really cool feature. There are other Twitter apps that do […]

Why Does Every Twitter App for Android Suck?

Plume Twitter app for Android

Since I picked up the Galaxy Nexus I’ve spent more time on Android. The Nexus delivers one of the best Android experiences yet, but it reminds me of my biggest complaint with Android — the poor quality apps. There’s no lack of apps on Android, but when you compare the quality of apps from iPhone to Android […]

TweetCaster Pro Updates Facebook and Twitter on iPhone and iPad


My favorite Twitter app is TweetCaster Pro on the Android platform. I’ve been an iOS user for a couple of years and only recently switched my phone, and found this gem in the Amazon App Store. I’m not sure why I never thought to look for it in the Apple App Store, but today I did […]

Top 10 Android and iPhone Apps to Use Instead of Watching Commercials


Ad Age is reporting that the most popular activity TV watchers do during commercials is not skipping past them with their DVR, but playing with their smart phone. According to a study by IPG Media and YuMe 93% of TV watchers and 73% of online video watchers use what the report calls “distraction media” during […]