Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Twitter, Apple Becoming More Social?

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.54.20 PM

The day of Apple’s iPhone 5s launch is a good day for the company, but CEO Tim Cook has decided to do something he’s never done before; and something that very few execs at Apple have done. Cook has joined Twitter and has already sent out his first tweet. So far, he already has over 38,000 […]

iOS 7 Release Date is Not September 10th, Despite Claims on Twitter

ioS 7 release date

Despite the buzz on Twitter, the iOS 7 release date is not likely for September 10th, and users are better off not waiting up for the iOS 7 download to arrive at midnight, and get some sleep to be ready for a late night iPhone 5s pre-order instead. Starting this weekend and moving through the […]

Twitter Android Tablet UI Leaks, APK Available Now


It seems Twitter is getting ready for an Android tablet update that will finally see the app get a tablet-optimized user interface that takes advantage of a two-pane setup. The new UI was spotted running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 at IFA 2013 last week, and the APK for it is actually available to download […]

Instagram Update Brings 15-Second Video Sharing


In a move to stay competitive with Twitter’s video sharing community, Vine, Facebook is augmenting Instagram’s photo sharing network with the ability to now share video clips that are up to 15 seconds in length. The update is currently available to both iOS and Android smartphone users, though some features are limited primarily to iPhone […]

How to Setup Two-Step Authentication on Twitter

Twitter Two-Step Authentication Five

After spending most of last fall and early spring defending its users from attacks by hackers who looked to exploit the ubiquity of Twitter’s login functions and turn users online persona’s against them, Twitter is now stepping up to the plate.. This week the social networking service, became the latest company to add support for […]

Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad Adds Beautiful Media Feed


A new update to Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad adds a new media timeline that makes looking through photos and videos on Twitter easier. The new version of Tweetbot defaults to the same list view that users are familiar with, but adds another option to highlight media shared over Twitter. At the top of any […]

Will Twitter Announce Music Service on ABC’s Good Morning America Today?


U.S. television network ABC had turned to Twitter to announce that the social networking service will have a big announcement to make on Disney-owned ABC’s Good Morning America daily morning news program. The Twitter announcement, which came on Wednesday evening, was a teaser and provided little details. “Tomorrow on #GMA: @Twitter will be making a BIG announcement,” Good Morning […]

Twitter Home Screen for Android Could Take on Facebook Home


A home screen powered by Twitter could be in Android’s future, that’s the gist of what Twitter executives told AllThingsD during yesterday’s sessions at the publication’s Dive Into Mobile conference. When asked if Twitter would also be creating its own Android homescreen replacement to allow users to see Tweets at a glance, Michael Sippey, Twitter’s […]

Twitter For Android Goes Native, Gets a Redesign

New Twitter for Android

Today Twitter released a new version of its Android app that adds support for its new Cards and makes the app native for users running Android 4.0 or higher. The new Twitter for Android app features a new design that more closely follows Android’s “holo” design language. The new design is flatter than the previous […]

Carbon: Finally, a Great Android Twitter Client Arrives

carbon twitter photos inline

The search for a decent Android Twitter client just ended with Carbon, the new app that offers a lot of features with a simple interface that’s intuitive, discoverable and attractive. The only thing we’ve found to dislike about Carbon so far: the app only works on Android phones. Tablet users should move on, there’s nothing […]

Tweetbot Adds Chrome, 1Password Browser Support

Tweetbot Chrome

A new update to Tweetbot gives users the option to open links in either the Chrome or 1Password browsers, giving users more choice over which browser they prefer to use. With the new update users can choose to open links in their timeline in any of the three browsers, and can even choose to open […]

What is Vine? Twitter’s New Video Sharing App


Today Twitter introduced its new way to share video online with the Vine app for iPhone. Vina is a new way to share video in six second clips to Twitter and Facebook. The service features its own app with its own timeline, but can automatically link to Twitter and Twitter cards because Twitter owns the […]

Using Today’s Tech to Augment a Fundraising Campaign


This has been a challenging beginning to the New Year. Wayside Theatre the, small not-for-profit theatre company I work for is still struggling to come out from under some heavy duty financial pressure that we’ve been dealing with since the economy went bottom up in 2008. The good news is we’re still here. Quite a […]

How To Watch the NFL Playoffs on the iPhone, iPad and Android

nfl mobile

NFL fans know the playoffs begin Saturday, January 5. Many of us can’t sit in front of a TV to watch all the games. Those who can will likely use a smartphone or tablet to supplement their TV viewing with some good second screen apps. To watch the NFL playoffs on a mobile device will […]

Happy New Year: A Wish List for 2013


A Wish List for 2013 Happy New Year! Many of our GBM readers are already celebrating the arrival of 2013 while the clock ticks down on 2012 here in the states. Each new year brings hope of things new, or different, or changed, but if you’ve lived long enough, you know that much will stay […]

Mobile Tech Predictions for 2013: Warner’s Take


Trying to predict what is going to happen in mobile tech during 2013 is like trying to sharpen the edge of Occam’s Razor in one of those knife sharpeners that come with an electric can opener. While it would be nice to have some simple explanations for what we’ll see and hear throughout the year, […]

Falcon Pro Review: The Best Android Twitter App

Falcon Pro review - Twitter for Android

Falcon Pro is the best Android Twitter app we’ve found, delivering a great looking user interface with support for lists and many other great features. Falcon Pro looks great on the Nexus 4, the larger display of the Galaxy Note 2 and on the Nexus 7 Android tablet. In short, it’s the Android Twitter app we’ve been […]

Leaked Screenshots Show More of BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 leak BlackBerry Hub

Screenshots of BlackBerry 10 leaked to Vietnamese website Tinhte shows off the homescreen, notifications and a Siri competitor in the upcoming OS from RIM. Many of the screenshots show features that RIM already showed off in BlackBerry 10. RIM already announced BlackBerry Hub, the app that will show any sort of message the phone receives. […]

Twitter Brings Filters To iPhone & Android Apps, After Instagram Feud

Twitter filters

Twitter’s new iPhone and Android apps now feature photo filters for sharing edited photos without using Instagram. The new photo filters come from a partnership with Aviary, which provides a photo editing SDK for any developer that wants it. The new apps include eight different photo filters, which is less than Instagram offers. The filters […]

Twitter to Introduce Photo Filters for Holiday App Update?


Twitter may be working on an update to its mobile app that would include new photo filters for the holidays. The holiday timing makes sense considering that rival photo sharing service Instagram reported a record-breaking number of photo uploads over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s unclear how many–or what types–of filters would be introduced as part […]