Twitter to Introduce Photo Filters for Holiday App Update?


Twitter may be working on an update to its mobile app that would include new photo filters for the holidays. The holiday timing makes sense considering that rival photo sharing service Instagram reported a record-breaking number of photo uploads over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s unclear how many–or what types–of filters would be introduced as part […]

Instagram No Longer Supports Twitter Cards


Instagram photos may look strange on the Twitter website, and that’s because Instagram removed its support for Twitter cards according to The New York Times. Twitter cards is what Twitter calls all the information around each individual tweet on the website. Now, when viewing an Instagram photo on the Twitter website, photos either appear off-center […]

How to Set Up Twitter in iOS 6 to Tweet & Share Faster

Twitter Photo Share

The iOS 6 update adds new features to Twitter iPhone integration, providing more reasons for users to connect Twitter to the iPhone or iPad. This guide will show how to set up Twitter in iOS 6 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for faster access to the social network. It’s worth adding Twitter to […]

Tapbots’ Netbot is Tweetbot for


Tapbots, best known for its popular Tweetbot app for iPhone and iPad, has a new app for Twitter competitor called Netbot. The new Netbot looks just like Tweetbot, but connects to instead of Twitter. arose as a response to issues with Twitter’s policy changes. Like Twitter, is a microblogging service that lets […]

Why Does Twitter Want to Be Hated So Much?


I long ago stopped getting excited about Twitter and Twitter clients. Twitter clients are so numerous that checking them all out could take the better portion of a lifetime. Talking about the things that Twitter does wrong is akin to doing the same thing about AT&T, Facebook, Comcast, Apple, Exxon, the airlines, or name your […]

Tweetbot for Android? An Icepick Lobotomy is More Likely

Tweetbot for Android

The Nexus 7 renewed my love or Android, and delivers an amazing tablet experience, but I’m left to suffer with subpar Android Twitter apps. After using Tweetbot on the iPhone, iPad and now on Mac, I really want Tweetbot for Android. Sadly, Tweetbot for Android isn’t going to happen. I asked Paul Haddad, the man […]

Next Version of iTunes Might Kill Off Ping


Apple’s in-house experiment in social networks might be over in the next release of iTunes. According to All Things D, Apple will shut down Ping in the next major release of iTunes which will likely come out this fall. Ping is still present in iTunes 10.6.3, and still has a place in the iOS 6 […]

Quip is a New iPad Twitter App That Focuses on Conversations


Tomorrow iPad users will have a new Twitter app that makes it easier to keep track of conversations that happen on the social network. Quip is the latest app from Glasshouse Apps, the developer behind The Early Edition, Gift Plan, and Barista. The new app works like most Twitter apps, letting users view their stream […]

Tweetbot Update Brings Offline Favorites and Read Later


Tweetbot, arguably the best Twitter client on iOS, received an update today, making it even better. The version 2.4 update to Tweetbot brings along a number of new features, including the ability to favorite tweets and save links for later when offline. With the new update, favoriting a tweet or saving a link to read […]

Tweetbot Update Adds Storify Support


Tweetbot, one of the best iOS Twitter apps, adds support for Storify and a new conversation view with its version 1.3 update. Both the iPhone and iPad versions of Tweetbot received updates today to add Storify support for conversations. With Storify, Tweetbot users now have an easier way to share their Twitter conversations with the rest of […]

10 iPhone Apps to Find a Better Job Today


Finding a new job is tough, especially in the current economy, but with the iPhone and a collection of job search apps finding a better job is within reach. Recent college graduates are having a hard time starting their careers. According to AP about half of all recent college grads are either unemployed or underemployed. They’re […]

Twitter for iPhone and Android Get More Push Notifications, Better Search

Twitter for iPhone and Android Get Updated

Twitter has announced that it will be updating its mobile applications for both iPhone and Android today with better search and discovery functionality as well as the addition of new push notifications. The update hasn’t yet arrived in either the Google Play Store for Android or the iOS App Store for iPhone but the software […]

Plume for Android Delivers Premium Twitter Experience

Plume Twitter Lists

Android users have many Twitter clients to choose from, but until last week there was no one client that stood out as the best Twitter experience on Android. Enter the new Plume Twitter app for Android. The new Plume app for Android delivers a collection of great new features to go along with a redesigned interface. Users […]

Fusion App Gives iPhone Owners a Good Reason to Jailbreak

Fusion for iPhone

With iOS 5, Apple integrated Twitter into the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The integration is great, but some users want more social networks than just Twitter integrated into their phone. For those users there’s the new Jailbreak app, Fusion. Fusion is a $2 app in the Cydia store that was first spotted by iDownloadBlog. […]

iPhone Users Whine About Instagram for Android (Video)


While Android users were delighted to find out that Instagram for Android was finally available on most Android phones, a vocal minority of  iPhone owners are annoyed that their lo-fi photo fun has been crashed by Instagram Android users. if you search Twitter for Android Instagram you’ll find a collection of complaints and laughable whining […]

Who’d a Thunk It? Tweet Seats in Theatres Run Up Against Patent Troubles


I’ve already gone on record stating I’m not in favor of a trend that some theatres and entertainment venues are trying to start. The idea I’m opposed to is to set aside seats for a performance where audience members can “tweet” or “Facebook” (is that a verb?) during the performance. The marriage of social technology […]

Windows Phone Twitter Client – Rowi 2.0 Beta Preview [Video]


Yesterday was Twitter’s 6th Anniversary and KT put together a great list of awesome Twitter clients to honor this. The lone Windows Phone Representative was Rowi. As you might know already, I have been doing a ton of Windows Phone Twitter client testing and videos. Back in November, I took a brief look at a handful of […]

6 Best Twitter Apps To Celebrate Twitter’s 6th Birthday


Twitter turns six years old today. In dog years, the site is 37 years old, which matches how long it feels like Twitter has been in our lives. In that short time the site has become a way to share and spread news, organize revolutions, and overshare to a ridiculous degree. Twitter’s users generate over […]

Twitter Updates Its Mobile Apps, Adds Support for Android 4.0 and Kindle Fire

Twitter Updates Apps for Android and iOS

Twitter has gone ahead and released updates for both its Android and iOS applications while also bringing support for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet will get support on February 23rd. It’s also now available for devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The iOS application in particular is jam packed […]