Tweetcaster for Android Updated – Adds Voice Tweets


Yes, I am writing to inform you about a single Twitter App for Android that has a dot release update. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I love Twitter and I love trying new Twitter apps. I especially love when a Twitter app adds a really cool feature. There are other Twitter apps that do […]

Apps to Super Charge Your Super Bowl Party


Here’s a list of mobile apps that will help you get ready for the Super Bowl and help you enjoy the game. I’m not as excited about the Super Bowl this year as I would be if my Packers made it. So I looked for some apps to make the game more enjoyable as I hang […]

Microsoft Looking to Capitalize on Recent Android Malware Incident


Jabbing its rival while its down, Microsoft is exploiting Google’s publicized malware problem with Android market to get people to switch to Windows Phone in the latest Droid Rage campaign. This is at least Microsoft’s second campaign on social site Twitter to attract users to the company’s Windows Phone platform, asking users to share their […]

Why Does Every Twitter App for Android Suck?

Plume Twitter app for Android

Since I picked up the Galaxy Nexus I’ve spent more time on Android. The Nexus delivers one of the best Android experiences yet, but it reminds me of my biggest complaint with Android — the poor quality apps. There’s no lack of apps on Android, but when you compare the quality of apps from iPhone to Android […]

New Year’s Resolution – Apps to Get a New Job & Make More Money

hireadroid and getHired job search apps

Getting a better job is an ever popular New Year’s Resolution. If you’ve decided that 2012 is your year to make more money, get better benefits or just have a better work life balance, I want to share a collection of iPhone apps and Android apps to help you find a new job in 2o12. […]

Top 10 Apps of 2011 (By Downloads)

Distimo top 10 apps in 2011 by downloads

One interesting tidbit in the Distimo app store report TechCrunch wrote about today is the list at the bottom of the top apps of 2011. The list is based on number of downloads across all major app stores and platforms, and reveals something about what most people use their mobile devices for right now. Of […]

Lady Gaga’s iPad Giveaway is a Monstrous Scam

Lady Gaga iPad Scam

Yesterday if you were looking at the Lady Gaga Twitter and Facebook pages( it’s OK, I won’t tell), you may have seen an Oprah-esque offer for free iPad 2s and free MacBooks for all of her little Monsters. Sadly, this is all a big scam. Hackers took control of Lady Gag’s Twitter and Facebook accounts […]

Twitter Goes All New and I Don’t Like It


Everybody is talking about the “New, New Twitter.” Of course they are talking about it on Twitter. On the surface, more power to them. They keep iterating. Deep down, Twitter proves once again that they have some fundamental problems. The essence of the big change is encapsulated in how Twitter now gives you four targeted […]

Twitter Overhauls Apps for Android, iPhone


Twitter has released major updates for both its Android application and its app for the iPhone. Along with the UI change comes several new tabs that sit across the application and include Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. Before we get into the features, we should point out that this update is currently only available for […]

Moving from Android to Windows Phone 7 Part 6: The Verdict


This experiment has come to a close. I will continue to use the HTC Titan, running Windows Phone 7.5, but it will not be my daily driver. This might come as a shock to anyone that knows me already, but I am not ready to return to the Windows Phone (WinMo) camp permanently yet. I did say […]

Mehdoh for Windows Phone Review [Video]

Screen Capture (44)

My search for a Twitter client that has all the features I need has come down to a couple of choices. Mehdoh is one of those choices and so far seems to be the best for my needs. I purchased a handful of apps to test and showcased them in the video I did a couple of […]

Windows Phone 7 Twitter clients, Which app works best for you?


Unfortunately, there is no true answer to this question. All the apps have their advantages and disadvantage. I have purchased and poked around in most of the major Twitter clients available for Windows Phone 7. I am not totally sold on which one I like the most yet, but I do have it narrowed down […]

Almost 40% of all photos shared on Twitter come from iPhones


This doesn’t come as much of a shock to me, but it’s still quite amazing. How much of the iOS dominance in this category is a result of iOS being the easiest mobile OS to share screenshots from your phone? One of the biggest complaints I have about Windows Phone 7 and Android as a […]

Twitter and Tweetdeck, Please Get Your Act Together

Updating_ TweetDeck

Goodness gracious I’m trying very heard not to use any well-placed or ill conceived invective here. It’s hard. It is gawl-darned hard, let me tell you. Tweetedeck was always one of those Twitter tools that took its cue from Twitters enormous success and equally enormous fail-whale like failures. When Twitter bought Tweetdeck it seemed like […]

Facebook Integration Coming to iOS 5? (screenshots)


Apple is building a lot of Twitter into iOS 5, but what about Facebook? The larger social network may be getting some iOS 5 love if the screenshots sent into Mac Rumors prove to be legit. While these screenshots could just be a Facebook fan’s doodling, a Facebook integration would make a lot of iPhone […]

iOS 5 Release Date and What to Expect from iOS 5

iOS 5 logo

iOS 5 is the next mobile operating system for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Announced this summer at WWDC, the software has been in beta testing for the past several months, and is due for a fall release, which we expect to come close to the iPhone 5 release date. (Read: 5 Things to […]