How You Can Keep Up with News Using Mobile Technology


I have to be honest, despite a background in political science–which was the basis of my undergraduate studies–I am horrible at keeping up to date with breaking non-tech news; as a technology blogger, I already have a hard enough time as it is writing about and staying in the loop with gadget releases so even […]

Google Nexus Twitter Says Surprise Is Coming Today

Google Nexus Tweet

Google’s Nexus Twitter account has tweeted that it has a surprise in store for Nexus owners today. Unfortunately the tweet is light on the details and heavy on the tease so right now we can only wonder what they have in store for us. An easy guess would be something to do with the Sprint […]

Mobile Twitter App-Maker Planning on Launching Twitter Rival Service


UberMedia, maker of mobile Twitter clients for various platforms, is looking to build its own social network that would directly compete with Twitter as a s microblogging platform. The report, which originated from CNN, cited three people who are familiar with the matter. The UberMedia platform would do away with some of the features–or what […]

RIM Pushes Push Notifications for Beta BlackBerry Twitter App

BlackBerry twitter Twitter for BlackBerry 1

Push notifications are now being enabled on the RIM-developed Twitter app for the company’s BlackBerry smartphones. The beta, now in version 1.1, now brings a number of new features in addition to push notifications for direct messages and mentions, denoted with the @name usage. Now, direct messages are now threaded in conversation view so you […]

No Twitter Phone


Despite the number of phones that are touting integration with, and a focus on, Facebook, rival social networking heavyweight Twitter is ruling out the possibility of a self-branded Twitter phone in an interview at Mobile World Congress. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo shot down any notion of a branded Twitter phone, despite admitting that nearly half […]

Watching SBLXV More Fun With iPad, Facebook and Twitter


As a nearly lifelong Green Bay Packer fan I was glued to my seat watching the Super Bowl with 40 people in my church at our party after evening services. I’m an avid football fan and watch every year, but it is never as sweet as when your team is in the game. The problem […]

Twitter Attack Using onmouseover Shows Why I Hate Mouse Overs


This morning Twitter users who went to the page (as opposed to using a 3rd party Twitter client) found that it was really easy to fall prey to an exploit that took advantage of something that is all too common on so many sites, using onmouseover to trigger an action. In this case the […]

Twitter Redesign Adds More, More, More, Might Add Up to Less


Last night the web (or at least the part that looks at the web through Twitter) was a buzz with news of Twitter’s new redesign. The one thing I can say for certain is that the redesign of the Twitter iPad App that features panes of information now makes some sense. Beyond that it is […]

I Wish More Tech Company Reps Acted More Human


Yesterday I had lunch with a couple of friends that work at two of the world’s largest tech companies. The discussion turned to how their companies are using social media channels to reach their customers and community leaders. They asked me what I like and dislike about how companies reach out to me, other contributors […]

Intelligence and Security Experts Duped on Social Sites


It’s generally a good idea to think twice before adding friends to your social networks for a number of reasons. But some people should think three or four times…especially if they are prone to sharing national secrets with virtual strangers. A security researcher created faux profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and was able to befriend a […]

We’re All Early Adopters on This Bus


It used to be both fun and scary living life on the bleeding edge as an early adopter of gadgets, software and services. And, I guess in a way it still is. But increasingly, I’m thinking that the label “early adopter” applies to just about all consumers of gadgets and the like. I used to […]

Tweets to be archived by Library of Congress


In the “Now I have seen everything” department, the US Library of Congress announced a deal with Twitter to archive all public tweets, dating back to Twitter’s inception in March 2006. From the Library of Congress’s blog: Every public tweet, ever, since Twitter’s inception in March 2006, will be archived digitally at the Library of Congress. […]

Twitter gets official iPhone App/Blackberry


Twitter finally has its own iPhone application.  How?  Well, they went out and bought Tweetie.  Tweetie is a $2.99 iPhone app, which in a few weeks will be rebranded as the official free Twitter client for the iPhone. The developer who created Tweetie, Loren Brichter, will join the Twitter team to create an iPad version […]

Twitter getting an overhaul?


It seems everyone users Twitter. Its a religion.  Between Twitter and Facebook, you can hear about every nuance of a person’s life.  Its scary sometimes.  However, Twitter is also a useful way to communicate with friends and get the word about about new business opportunities. Its a good service for both personal and professional reasons. […]

Join and Follow the Twitter Tablet PC Enthusiast List


Twitter, the social service that no one really knows what it is but it sure is something, has added a new feature called “Lists.” Essentially if you have a Twitter account you can create a list(s) of followers so that you can try to wade through the stream of Tweets that come your way by […]

Show Your Tablet PC Support on Twitter


If you Tweet on Twitter, here’s a chance to wave the Tablet PC flag and let the world know you are indeed a Tableteer. Twibbon is a service that will take your Twitter profile icon and place a small badge in the lower left corner telling the world that you’re a Tablet PC fan. Craig […]