Mobile PC Visionary Otto Berkes Leaving Microsoft

Photo courtesy Microsoft

Though he’s probably best known as one of the original XBox founders, Otto Berkes was a key figure in the Tablet and Mobile PC world. Yesterday, he announced his departure from Microsoft, leaving a big tablet-shaped hole in their brain pool. Brier Dudley of The Seattle Times broke the news. As lead developer on Origami […]

New Sony VAIO P offers everything but a touchscreen


Sony took the wraps off their new VAIO P ultra mobile, and it looks impressive. Features such as accelerometer, digital compass and GPS, which are often gimmicky on other clamshells, look like they’ll be put to good use, while leaving out a touchscreen which, I grudgingly admit, was probably a smart choice.

“Coming Soon” – VAIO New Ultra Mobile from Sony


SonyStyle in Japan is teasing a new Sony VAIO ultramobile. No details on the device, but they’ve got a coupon signup for SonyStyle users (SonyStylists?) that seems to offer better deals to higher ranking members. Oh, and they’ve showing off a new paperclip-looking icon.

Dell declares Mini-9 “end of life”

According to David Meyer at CNET, Dell has surrendered the Mini-9 to the “end-of-life” bucket. What does this mean for the netbook, and mobile computing markets? Dell’s 10-inch and 8.9-inch displays are the same resolution. Does this mean that netbook buyers have declining eyesight? When Microsoft introduced the UMPC, the OEMs at the time were […]

Expensive Asus R50a UMPC Gets Reviewed


Remember the Asus R50a UMPC? I’m thinking few do these days. It caught our eye at CES last year and we’ve heard bits about it off and on during this year of the Netbook. Hispazone has posted a review (the link is translated) of this UMPC from Asus and I have to say the thing […]

Want a UMPC? Hire This Guy

Like it or not, Netbooks have moved along the inevitable demise of the UMPC and we hardly hear any news about Ultra-Mobile PCs anymore. But I guess some folks can’t quench their desire for a UMPC. Over on TodoUMPC, one of their forum members took matters into his own hands. He’s ripped apart an Acer […]

Things Changing at Fujitsu?

This post is not meant in any way to be alarmist, but merely to pass on information we are seeing about one of the key Tablet PC and UMPC manufacturers we follow. It looks like there are some interesting things going on at Fujitsu on the business unit level at Fujitsu. Fujitsu looks to be […]

Kohjinsha SC and SX Series Images

Need a good look at the Kohjinsha SC and SX ultra-mobile PC?  Check out the image gallery of 22 pictures over on Ubergizmo.  We’ve been seeing these around since June, but the Ubergizmo team is at CEATEC 2008 right now and snapped these up close photos.  We still need to get an active digitizer in […]

New Version of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Released

Comfort Software has released a new version of their on-screen keyboard. Version 3.2 comes in both Lite ($9.95) and Pro versions ($19.95). I’m not sure if there is a trial here or not, although both have free downloads listed for both versions. I don’t have a touch screen device to test this out, so if […]

UMPCPortal, jkkmobile,and Liliputing Team Up To Help Keep Consumers Informed

This is a great thing for the community. Three fantastic resources on ultra mobile computing, UMPCPortal, jkkmobile, and Liliputing are teaming up to help provide us with more information on what is going on in the wacky world of mobile computing. We’ve always tried to keep up with all the UMPC, MID and netbook products […]

Gadgetell: 5 Reasons Netbooks Succeeded when UMPCs and Tablet PCs Failed

Netbooks are certainly capturing a lot of attention and apparently a lot of sales. They’ve certainly captured the imagination. In the long run, it will be interesting to see what the impact we’re all feeling today will really mean in the long run. Iyaz Akhtar of gadgetell has published thoughts on why Netbooks have succeeded […]

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Donates UMPCs to Nebraska Public Libraries

The Nebraska Public Library Foundation was recently awarded WiFi Connectivity Grants for 48 of its branches, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Each of the 48 libraries will receive a Linksys WiFi Router and either a Dell laptop or a Samsung Q1 UMPC. Via jkkmobile Technorati Tags: UMPC,Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,Nebraska Public […]

Raon Digital Everun Note Recall

Uh, oh. Looks like there are enough issues with the Raon Digital Everun Note that there is a recall underway. Issues being reported are overheating, high-pitched fan noise, blue-screens, and inaccurate battery monitors, among others. The units need to be sent back to the factory for eitehr repair or replacment. Via Pocketables Tags: Raon+Digital+Everun+Note, Recall

It’s Not Too Early To Be Thinking About the 2009 CES Tablet PC Meetup

Oh, my how time flies. Lora Heiny is reminding us that it isn’t too late to be thinking about the 2009 CES Tablet PC Meetup. Each of the last several years we’ve seen new interest in each new wave of mobile devices including UMPCs and MIDs. Lora is interested in making sure that as the […]

Pictures of the Fujitsu U2010/U820

jkkmobile is at it again. He’s uncovered some pictures of the Fujitsu U2010/U820 UMPC at Buyking. These are obviously promotional photos but they sure look appetizing. Am I the only one that thinks if Fujitsu would figure out a way to get an active digitizer, or at least a hard touch digitizer on one of […]

jkkmobile Reviews the Kohjinsha SX3

The Kohjinsha SX3 convertible UMPC continues to attract attention in these crazy days (daze?) of Netbooks, and jkk of jkkmobile gives us all a virtual look in this review. Intriguing that it comes with a SIM card slot and a home for GPS.   > Tags: Kohjinsha+SX3, UMPC

Circle Dock Recalls Radial Menus

I used to love the radial menu of the Snipping Tool and I think that UI approach is great for Tablet PCs, and indeed for touch screen devices like UMPCs. Jenn at Pocketables links to and is showing off the open source Circle Dock, which developer Eric Wong is aiming squarely at touch screen users. […]

Chippy Reviews the Raon Digital Everun Note

I’ve been waiting for this review. With all of the Netbook and ultra-mobile craziness out there and trying to sort through who has what releasing when with what specs, the Raon Digital Everun Note has attracted my attention because of its comparatively small size form factor. Steve ““Chippy” Paine has his hands on the device […]

TabletKiosk To Add Eyesboard on Tablet PCs

TabletKiosk is going to be pre-installing PlazaLogic’s Eyesboard, an on-screen keyboard that is user configurable, to new Tablet PCs an UMPCs. They are going to also going to make it available for existing TabletKiosk users as a download. I’ve not been a fan of the on-screen keyboard solutions I’ve seen and used on UMPCs in […]

Win a UMPC at

If you’re interested in possibly getting your hands on a UMPC, then you might want to head over to and post in their forums between now and October 30, 2008. is giving away an Amteck U560 and a Wibrain B1. You can enter the contest in either Spanish or English and of course […]