The WiBrain Gets an Update

Samsung isn’t the only one with a UMPC refresh being announced lately. It looks like the WiBrain has gotten an update (no official word though on whether or not it is pronounced we brain or why brain) and the new version, WiBrain L1, and will be running the Atom processor. The L1 also has an updated […]

Samsung Refreshes The Q1 Ultra Lineup

Samsung has unveiled two new flavors of the Q1 UltraMobile PC. The Q1U-CMXP comes with integrated HSDPA and the Q1UP-V comes with Vista Business pre-installed. Aside from the famous Samsung non-sexy naming conventions and aforementioned changes, these Q1 Ultra’s offer the same package as those currently on the market. The price tag is still steep […]

New Noahpad Pics Surface and Official Specs

UMPCFever has posted several new pictures of the upcoming Noahpad ultraportable.  This netbook-class device is unique in that it features a convertible screen and a one of a kind reverse keyboard.  Details on the Noapad remain sketchy as there has been no word of US release.  UMPC Portal has a specs page for the Noapad, […]

Toshiba Prototype UMPC / ULPC Unveiled

PCAuthority has the goods on Toshiba’s entry in to the ultra low cost space – a prototype handheld touch device sporting a 5.6″ screen, running Vista on an Intel Atom processor. Looks like a UMPC / Origami to me. Strangely, Toshiba had this to say about the device: “We don’t think this [prototype] is commercially […]

Otterbox RAM Mount Kits for Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium

One of Hugo Ortega’s resellers hacked together a really interesting solution for mounting a Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium in a car. They took an Otterbox case and hacked it on to a RAM Mount. Very ingenious! Any interest in seeing these mass produced?           Advertisement                  […]

Single Click Icons For Touchscreen Tablet PC’s and UMPC’s

Yesterday the How-To Geek put up a post about using single click instead of double click icons on the desktop.  This isn’t a new feature as it’s been around since Windows 9x but the post started me thinking a little…  I don’t have any device right now that has a touchscreen, but for those that […]

Add a TouchScreen To The Asus Eee 901

I don’t think jkkmobile ever met an Asus Eee that he didn’t find a way to put a touchscreen on. And yes, he’s at it again, this time demoing the steps needed to add a touchscreen to the Asus Eee 901. >  jkk, and others, have proven that the Eee is indeed mod-able by the […]

Mike Arrington Wants a $200 Internet Tablet. Doesn’t Everyone?

I find this fascinating. Mike Arrington of TechCrunch fame is asking for folks to help build a “dead simple web Tablet” that will cost under $200. The other specs on his wish list: The machine is as thin as possible, runs low end hardware and has a single button for powering it on and off, […]

More Hints On The Dell ‘E’

We’ve reported about the Dell ‘E’ before. It looks like more info on Dell’s entry into the ultra-mini-sub-low-cost-mobile notebook is slowing making it into the stream via DigiTimes. Once again we hear of the $299 price tag, but this post says we’re looking at an August time frame for release. No mention of of the earlier […]

Pocketables Reviews the Kohjinsha SC3 Mini-Notebook

Jenn at Pocketables has gotten her hands on the Kohjinsha SC3 Mini-Notebook and turned it inside out in a very thorough review. She covers all the bases and has a large array of pictures of just about everything except the factory floor where the unit was assembled. Intriguingly she’s reporting that the Menlow based (previously […]

Vista on the Asus 901 Eee PC

I imagine we’re going to see more and more of this kind of testing on the ultra-sub-mini-net-low cost-mobile PCs as they continue to roll out. But for now, jkkmobile is testing out Vista on the Asus 901 Eee PC running an ATom processor. Note that he’s running this on a 30GB drive. As things continue […]

Panasonic’s CF-U1 UMPC Reviewed

The new rugged Ultra-Mobile PC from Panasonic is raising quite a few eyebrows these days, and rightly so. has very thorough review of this intriguing rugged UMPC, including some up-close pics. As we’ve stated before, the integrated keyboard looks quite small and challenging, but given its intended use, it just might be a winner. […]

TabletKiosk eo i7300 UMPC Expected to Ship Q1 2009

At CES 2008, we brought you some of the first news about TabletKiosk’s new eo i7300 Ultra-Mobile PC. As many might have noticed, the new eo has been noticeably absent from TabletKiosk’s site. I contacted TabletKiosk’s Gaily Levy to get the latest on when we might expect this new modular-based UMPC. For the eo i7300, […]

Another Day, Another Mini-Notebook, Another Bout of Yawning

I’m sure you’re all getting tired of reading about these 8.9″ and 10″ screened devices here on GBM. They all have the same basic specs: The 1.6GHz Atom processor, small SSD drive, 8.9″ or 10″ screen, small keyboard, average battery life, and a choice of OS. Joining the fray is the ECS G10IL scheduled for […]

Acer Aspire One Jumping On WWAN Bandwagon

There has been a recent push for the small UMPC/ULCPC/MID/Netbook/Mini-whatever-the-catch-phrase-of-the-day-is devices to include some implementation of 3G connectivity. Joining Asus’s eee Pc and Fujitsu’s U810 (and the others who started life with WWAN), Acer’s Aspire One is also getting its own 3G connection. I know that with the Fujitsu U810 as well as the T2010 […]

Daewoo Lucoms Lukid Laptop Released

Daewoo Lucom’s Lukid has entered the UMPC arena with a mini notebook, this time geared towards the education market . Although the Lukid isn’t marked for US release, its use of Intel’s Classmate platform provides movement within the lower-cost, lower-powered education sector where educational integration of technology is on the rise. The 9″ screened device […]

Information Week’s UMPC Buyer’s Guide Needs Some Better Info

Not helpful. Information Week has published a UMPC Buyer’s Guide. Problem is Bill O’Brien, who wrote the article, needs a little more information. First, he falls prey to the astounding market confusion over UMPCs, MIDs, Netbooks, Subnotebooks, Mini-Tablets and the like. He actually tries to invent a new class of devices called ““Notebook UMPCs.” That […]

The Netbook Craze

Love them or hate them, netbooks are becoming blazingly popular and promise to become even cheaper than they currently are.  A netbook is typically described as a smaller laptop that offers less performance but small form factor and reasonable price.  They came about largely because of the One Laptop Per Child project which attempted to […]

GBM InkShow: HTC Shift as a Companion Device?

The past few weeks I have been trying to find a ‘companion’ Tablet PC to go with my work laptop.  The first device I had a look at was this HTC Shift provided by Dynamism.  We have taken a look at the Shift in the past, but this is a different angle.  Will it fill […]

Talk To OQO – Help Take Them To The Next Level

OQO is known as the king of ultra-portability with their Model 02 Tablet PC. It is pocketable, wearable, inkable, thumbable, dockable, and ultra-small. What can OQO do to improve their products? What are they doing right and where are they falling below expectations? Are there clear open opportunities that OQO should take advantage of? How […]