Toughbook CF-U1 Demo on YouTube

Another YouTube video – but this time showing some Hardware.  The new Panasonic Toughbook in action!  How about that thumb stretch – what do you think about that?  I would have to give it a try, but it might be just like the Shift – just a little too big for thumbs (while it does […]

McCain and the UMPC

There’s nothing like making fun of politicians and their ridiculous comments about computing on ““the Google” or ““the Internets” or ““a series of tubes.” At times it does make you wonder, and in fact, these days it is an easy target. But in this year’s US election, and the preceding primaries, some are paying more […]

Sybase Announces Support of Panasonic Toughbook U1

Sybase iAnywhere announced today that they’ll provide full support for the Panasonic Toughbook U1, the new rugged ultra-low-small PC. Sybase iAnywhere Afaria a core component of the Information Anywhere suite, provides comprehensive management and security capabilities to ensure that mobile data and devices are up-to-date, reliable and secure.” Fundamentally more of an IT application, but […]

Kohjinsha SX Series 8.9 inch convertible

Now this is a cool new shiny little device!!  It even has a built in DVD drive.  I am really surprised with the battery life specs, especially with that DVD drive in there…  It sure would have been something to see this little guy come with an active digitizer, but with all the other specs, […]

OQO Wins The Stevie Award – 2008 Best Product

The awards keeping piling in for OQO and their little pocket wonder of a computer, this time adding “The Stevie” award for 2008 Best Product to their list of accolades: OQO Inc., mobile computing innovator and creator of the world’s smallest fully-functional Windows Vista ® PC, today announced that the OQO model 02 has been […]

Om Malik: What Makes a Cloud Computer?

Om Malik has been checking out the new class of ultra-net-mini-sub-low cost portables, most specifically the HP 2133 Mini-Note and thinks that they are a “genetic experiment gone wrong.”  He sees some pluses but mostly he sees minuses and he lists a spate of features that he feels should qualify a device in this category. […]

GBM Shortcut: HTC Shift as a Companion

This is a quick video I shot with the HTC Shift I have had for a couple of weeks.   I am looking for a device to complement a regular work issued laptop.  I need something more powerful for daily work, but I don’t want to give up the Tablet PC functionality.  This video takes a […]

GBM Podcast #53: We Can’t Count

OK, we can’t count. Or I should say Matt can’t count. This is GBM Podcast #53 but we kept referring to it as number 52 in the show. So, if you get confused, blame Matt. After all the younger guys are supposed to keep up with this kinda thing, sparing us old geezers with ancient […]

MSI Wind Delays and Battery Shortages

Looks like the MSI Wind is experiencing some delays. From what I’m reading we’re talking about a new shipping date is June 27. What is also intriguing here is that MSI seems to have some problems getting enough 6 cell batteries and until supply opens up are going to be shipping 3 cell batteries. MSI […]

A Video Demo of the NoahPad

The NoahPad is certainly an intriguing device with an intriguing keyboard. For those interested here’s a video demo of the NoahPad courtesy of CTitanic. > Maybe they are subtley hinting at a Christmas release. That’s the only reason I can think of using the song Come All Ye Faithful to accompany the demo. Tags: NoahPad

Microsoft’s VEDa Curious VEDa Patent Application

No one seems to know what this is, and I’m certainly in that club. A Microsoft patent application was uncovered for the VEDa, which appears to be some soft of mobile device with a flip up screen, slide out keyboard, and phone keypad. From the patent application, which calls it a multi-mode multimedia device and […]

jkkmobile Reviews Origami Experience 2.0

Origami Experience 2.0 was released on Friday and jkkmobile has already put up a video review. He walks through the major features of the application and explains the ins and outs quite clearly. Like a lot of folks who are taking a look at this, jkk asks the big question about this software release for […]

Origami Experience 2.0 Finally Released

Brandon LeBlanc on the Windows Experience Blog tells us that Origami Experience 2.0 has finally been released and is available for download. The Origami Experience 2.0 has been released for download on the Microsoft Download Center today! Download: Origami Experience 2.0 The Origami Experience 2.0 is designed for Ultra-Mobile PCs that run Windows Vista. To […]

FIC Ultra-Mobiles Will Feature Vista, XP, or Linux

First International Computer, an ODM, is going to be a player in the ultra-sub-mini-portable-low cost space, and most likely offer the guts for some of the players we’ve seen start peeking their heads out this week at Computex. Remember the Everex Cloudbook? That came from FIC. FIC boasts that they are the only ODM that […]

MSI Is Going MID and also Making A Thinner Wind

You’ve got to love this and more power to them. Micro-Star International (MSI) has made a lot of noise at late with the little storm they cooked up called the MSI Wind. So much so, that in this post from Gizmodo they are already saying “following the Wind’s success” and we’ve just seen the annoucnement. […]

A UMPC With a 3D Screen?

Except for all of the naming confusion, we haven’t seen much in the traditional sense of UMPC coming out of Computex. And this reference design is certainly not traditional either. How about a UMPC with a 3D screen. The catch is you need special glasses. Telson is the manufacturer and they are aiming this at […]

HTC Shift – Thoughts After A Few Days

I’ve been traveling some since the HTC Shift was delivered so there hasn’t been as much time in the first few days as I would have liked.  But that changes today as I go back home.  I did however get a few hours before I left and some more time on the plane to look […]

Gizmodo Is Confused About The Name Thing in the Mobile Space

I can’t say I blame the folks at Gizmodo. They are trying to make sense out of the mobile scene this days what with UMPCs, ULCPCs, mini-notebooks, ultraportables, subnotebooks, and netbooks, all floating around out there and no one really sure which is what when it comes to naming and branding. They offer a primer […]

Weekend Discussion: What Do You Want Your Mobile Device To Do?

Wow. I blow out a knee and spend a portion of the day dealing with that and some real amazing discussions break out here on GBM. Rob has highlighted them both but I want to use them in a tangential way to springboard into this weekend’s discussion topic. There are two really fascinating and informative […]

HTC Shift – Delivered This Morning!

A couple of weeks ago I had posted that I might be moving to a regular laptop as my main ‘work’ computer (not personal mind you :) ).  I also said that I wouldn’t mind checking out the HTC Shift to maybe use as a ‘companion’ device to that laptop.  Well, the good folks at […]