Complete Instructions on Dual Booting OQO Model 02 into OS X / Vista forum members JT and Troy lit the mobile blogosphere on fire when they demoed an OQO Model 02 running Mac OS X. They have now posted complete instructions on how to do this yourself. Be sure you purchase a license of Leopard before going down this trail – you definitely want to remain in […]

HTC Shift Released in Canada

Looks like those Canadians are getting a taste of the Shift now.  Gadgetell is reporting that Rogers Wireless is now bringing the Shift to all the Canadians now. Interesting to point out is that Rogers is saying they are going to enable the GPS unit within 3 months of release! I would still REALLY like […]

Huge OQO Model 02 Special

OQO is running a huge special through May 31 – A brand new Model 02 Tablet PC for just $999 with the following specs: 1.2 ghz 40 gb hard drive 512 mb ram WiFi a/b/g & Bluetooth If a 1.2 ghz isn’t your cup of tea, they are also running a Memorial Day special on […]

Samsung Still Flying The UMPC Banner: Planning Q1 Refresh

Some, myself inlcuded, may think the UMPC form factor is on the way out, but one of the original OEMs to buy into the platform, and also the most aggressive in advancing their line, Samsung, isn’t willing to concede the field it seems. Samsung R&D Engineer, Jeongseon Euh, in the first of a three part interview […]

Reading RSS Feeds in Origami Experience 2.0

The Origami Experience 2.0 is getting mixed feedback these days, partly because so few are using it on their UMPCs. In addition to the touch screen navigation that it offers, there are other components as well. With Origami Central you can browse the web and also consume RSS feeds. Brandon LeBlanc on the Windows Experience […]

Multi-Touch UMPC Anyone?

Engadget is reporting that AU Optronics is bringing out an 8 inch multi-touch display in a few months. Sounds promising if they can slap a digitizer on there as well so we can have some good inking! Unlike the current touch panels in the market, AUO’s in-cell multi-touch TFT-LCD integrates touch function features into the […]

MobileDemand xTablet Screens Compared

A lot of readers like to know how different screen technologies work indoors and out. In this video from MobileDemand, they compare their xView screen to their standard display.   Here are the show notes from MobileDemand’s video: This video demonstrates the difference in direct sunlight and indoors between the standard xTablet Tablet PC display […]

What’s In A Name: UMPC, ULPC, and Other Meaningless Designations

Ben over at UMPC Portal noticed that the Wikipedia entry for UMPCs needs some serious work. So much so that at the top of the page you find the following (click to enlarge the image): I’ve been bemused by the goings on about the designations for UMPCs and ULCPCs for quite awhile now. In fact, […]

Vikram Madan’s Back to Blogging and Drawing

This is welcome news. When Vikram Madan started blogging and including some of his drawings awhile back it was always a must read. But, things have been quiet on his blog for sometime. Here’s hoping this latest cartoon means that Vikram will keep on filling us in on his thoughts. I’m sure most mobile device users will get a […]

Fujitsu Announces Atom Based UMPC

Fujitsu isn’t giving up on the UMPC market, having just announced a new model. The U2010 is aimed a the higher end of the market with a price estimated at $1295 and is scheduled for a July launch in Taiwan. A difference from previous models is that it will have a 6–row keyboad instead of five. […]

Otterbox 1990 Case for Samsung UMPCs Now Shipping

Remember the Otterbox 1990 case we told you about last month? Otterbox now has them in stock and they are finally available for ordering. They can be ordered in black and yellow for $79.95. Technical specs: Compatability/Features: This case was designed to protect any Samsung Ultra Mobile PC with either Q1U or Q1UP as the […]

Are You Kidding Me? GigaByte MID Priced at $1131?

You read that headline right. Apparently the GigaByte M528 MID is now available for pre-order but at a price of $1131 US? I’m confused. Sounds like the folks at GigaByte are too as that price dropped quickly from the original pre-order price they came out with of $1450 US.  Interesting that mate Hugo Ortega’s company Tegatech […]

GBM Interview: An IM Conversation with Dennis Moore, CEO of OQO

  I had the opportunity this morning to sit down and chat with Dennis Moore, CEO of OQO, about keeping a company agile, his schedule, his team, the Model 02, Vista Lite, Tablet PC, touch, and the new ultra-portable entrants from Asus and HP. Keep up to date with what Dennis is doing by subscribing […]

A Digital Photographer and His UMPC

UMPC Portal publishes an interesting review of the Samung Q1 Ultra UMPC from Cristian Soregia, a digital photographer, who uses the UMPC for his work. Well worth a read as Cristian walks through how the device works for him and the pluses and minuses he sees whether through a lens or not. Cristian Soregia’s blog, […]

I’ll Have Some Dessert With That Tablet PC

Gail Levy of TabletKiosk pens and interesting blog post on Mobility Matters about the use of Tablet PCs and UMPCs in the hospitality industry, especially as relates to Point of Sale (POS). This type of use for Tablet PCs and UMPCs not only makes sense for those in the restaurant or hospitality biz,  but I think […]

MobileDemand xTablet T8700 Undergoes Severe Abuse

And you thought our abuse of MobileDemand’s xTablet T8700 was bad? Check this out! Here is run down by clip of what they do to the xTablet T8700 Tablet PC Insanity Short demonstration clips showing how much abuse the xTablet rugged Tablet PC can take. By clip number: 1. We actually use an xTablet while […]

Asus R2E UMPC First Impressions

I may be wrong here but I haven’t seen a reveiw of the Asus R2E UMPC before. Part of that is we haven’t seen too many users with the device, and Asus has certainly dropped off the radar as far as UMPCs are concerend as most of their mobile attention is centered around the EeePC. […]

Get an Inside Look at OQO Headquarters

San Francisco news affiliate recently spent some time at OQO headquarters and took a look at the company behind the “pc that fits in your pocket”. In other OQO news, Fast Company also did a pretty cool write up. Check it out. There it sat, between my desktop PC, my laptop, and my iPhone, […]

Re-Examining My Mobile Scenario

This has been an absolutely insane last 5 months for me with a lot happening at the Wayside Theatre where I work. When I say insane, I’m not too far from the literal truth there. In addition thing are, as always, hot and heavy here at GBM as well. Somewhere in there I find time […]

The Asus Eee PC Pet

This is a hilarious cartoon! It definitely points to the personal nature we attach to our mobile computers  and the lengths we’ll go to push the limits. Thanks for the link, Mark.           Technorati Tags: Asus,Eee