Pocketables and Origami Experience 2.0

I may be wrong on this, but I think the HTC Shift is the only UMPC currently shipping with the new Origami Experience 2.0. I’ve had a chance to get my hands on a pre-release copy and will be reporting in soon. OE 2.0 will be made available in the future for public download. But in the […]

Hacking the Apple OS On Windows Devices

While we here at GBM certainly don’t condone the sort of hacking that violates licensing agreements there have been a couple of stories around the blogosphere of late that at least bear a mention from a curiosity standpoint. Engadget (and the rest of the world) is linking to info on OQO Talk where a user […]

Origami Experience 2.0 at The Windows Experience Blog

If you’re interested in what’s going on with Origami Experience 2.0 you might want to head over to the The Windows Experience Blog and check out Brandon LeBlanc’s post, Taking a Closer Look at the Origami Experience 2.0. That post is the intro to a 4 part series that Brandon is planning that covers web […]

New OneNote Tips and Tricks Blog

Already added to my RSS reader is the new OneNote Tips and Tricks Blog.  Starting off with an introduction and a tip, the blog was created by Jeff Cardon from the Microsoft OneNote Team. OneNote’s user base has been steadily increasing over the years. So I thought this would be a good forum to share […]

Another MacBook Air Parody – OQO

We’ve seen plenty of MacBook Air  parodies in the past several months, but this one has to be my favorite. It features an OQO Model 01 / 01+ Tablet PC from several years back, running Mac OS X. The author of the video calls it the MacBook Pocket. Love it! >>

Windows Live Mail Struggles on a Small Screen

Mickey Segal loves his mobile computers. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s recent switch from Outlook Express / Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail is frustrating him as he frequently uses computers that are 800 x 600 resolution. Take a look at the following areas that are frustrating Mickey, each of which could be easily addressed by providing users […]

Sumocat Experiments With The Pagefile

This looks like an experiment worth following. Mark “Sumocat” Sumimoto found himself concerned about the heat is Tablet PC generated and of course the fan running to cool things down. According to Sumocat, the pagefile is one of the big culprits that keep disks spinning, so he’s been experimenting with turning it off and lately […]

OQO Model 02 Facing Challenges from New Entries

OQO has been the model of what a productive mobile pc should be: small, light, connected, reasonably fast, and inconspicuous. Now, they are facing some heady challenges from the likes of HP, Fujitsu, and Asus. The San Francisco Chronicle has a great article on OQO, how they started, and the new competitors on the block. […]

Microsoft Experiments With Force Sensing Technology

Touch is big, but is touching with force the new paradigm? Microsoft Researchers are working on force sensing technology that allow you to apply force to a portable device to get it to do your bidding. Want to flip a page? Give the device a squeeze or a twist. Researchers have been testing this out […]

Tablet PC Review Looks At The Shift

Tiffany Boggs over on Tablet PC Review gives the HTC Shift a once over – and more!  If you haven’t read enough, and you want some input about the Shift from an experienced reviewer of Tablet PC’s, then head on over and give it a read. Just make sure you don’t expect too much from […]

Gail Levy’s Thoughts on the ULCPC vs the UMPC

Gail Levy of TabletKiosk has blogged some thoughts on the new Ultra-Low-Cost PC platform from a UMPC OEMs perspective and it is quite a good read. She lays out TablketKiosk’s UMPC goals and options and says she finds it disappointing that Microsoft is “embracing these new devices by extending the life of XP without considering some […]

A Plethora of Tablet PCs and Mobile Devices in Seattle

Rob and I are doing some comparisons and look-sees at the various Tablet PCs and mobile devices we brought along to the Microsoft MVP Summit. See if you can tell us what we have displayed in this picture. Click on the picture for a larger view.   Tags: MVP+Summit, Tablet+PC

Samsung Q1 on WOOT! Today

Looking for a Samsung Q1 UMPC – well they have some over on WOOT today for only $699.99.  The deal is only for 1 day over there so if a deal is what you have been waiting on – head on over there! CPU Type – Intel Pentium M CPU Speed – 723(1.00GHz) CPU Technology […]

Win a WiBrain B1E From UMPC Portal

It must be give-a-way Friday. Not content with letting Engadget grab all the give-a-way glory today, Steve “Chippy” Paine is offering up a WiBrain B1E from Mobilx. Head over to UMPCPortal for all the details and how to enter. And just to make things more fun, the GBM Staff conferenced this morning and decided that we […]

UMPC Podcast with Chippy and JKK

Steve “Chippy” Paine and jkkmobile continue to do some podcasting about UMPCs and other mobile devices and there stuff is always a good listen, with more than a nuggest or two surfacing each time they hit the microphones. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. The recent edition features a chat on Atom, […]

Kohijinsha SR8KPO6S UMPC Has Optical Drive

Well, if you watched the recent GBM InkShow with my wife check out the HP 2133 Mini-Note you’ll know she might have an interest in this. Ubergizmo is reporting that the Kohijinsha SR8KPO6S (how’s that for a clever name?) UMPC will house an optical drive along with the usual touch screen goodness. The weight? Supposedly […]

The Tablet PC Price Point Premium: The Niche Gets Smaller

James Kendrick raises an interesting discussion topic in his post this morning about the premium Tablet PC users pay for Tablet functionality, especially now as the move to Ultra-Low-Cost PCs (ULCPC) is in full swing. JK describes himself as an unusual Tablet PC owner in that he is dependent on taking notes all day. I […]

Buying Options For the HP 2133 Mini-Note

We upated the HP 2133 Mini-Note review and Inkshow post mid-morning when we found a link to the product page for the HP Mini-Note 2133 and at the time there were a variety of prices (all the way up to $849–which was new news) and starting at $499. I was going to make this post […]

ULCPCs: I’m Still Laughing At That One

I was in tech week for our latest production of Driving Miss Daisy when the news came across the wires that Microsoft’s naming nannies had coined a new one. I laughed so hard I almost caused a technician to fall off a ladder. (I have a very loud and obnoxious laugh.) I’ve never seen such a […]