Still at CTIA? Then Stop By and Check Out OQO

I wish I could have made to CTIA. In fact, I wish I could hit all the great mobile conferences. My kids love it when I come home with vendor swag. My wife on the hand… If you are still attending CTIA this week, then be sure to stop by OQO‘s boot areas. Here are […]

Windows XP June 30 Cut-Off Final, The ULCPC

Microsoft announced today that June 30 is indeed the final cut-off for manufacturers to make Windows XP a pre-load option on PCs, with an exception being made for those now popular low cost portables, like the Asus Eee, Intel Classmate, and others. Those low cost portables will still be allowed to ship with Windows XP […]

Asus R50 UMPC Headed for Summer Release?

Digitimes is reporting that the R50 UMPC might be shipping before June of this year and it looks like we might see Linux and Vista flavors. The curious statement in the DigiTimes report is that it says the price will be above US $500. Don’t we usually see that listed as below and not above? […]

Asus Eee PC with XP Will Soon Hit Best Buy

Look out. The Asus Eee PC has turned the ultra-portable and ultra-mobile market on its ear already, and with reports that the Windows XP version will hit Best Buy around April 9, I imagine we’ll be seeing some more head turning soon. Price point for the 4G version? $399. Via Gizmodo   Tags: Asus+Eee+PC

Two Reasons We Need Better Inking on Small Mobile Devices

With the exception of the Fujitsu P1620 (and the P1610) with its palm rejection technology, and the Asus line of UMPCs that operate with a “harder touch screen” than most UMPCs, there are very few choices for Inkers out there who want to use a UMPC for Inking. That is of course, unless you want […]

Combine the InkSeine Tool Ring with Pen Flicks on Tablet PCs

The GBM Forums are a hot bed of activity these days, especially when it comes to continuing to find cool ways to use the pen and InkSeine. Forum member moneyburninhole discovered a way to use the Floating Tool Ring to execute Pen Flicks in places where they may not otherwise be available. InkSeine guru, Ken […]

JkOnTheRun How To: Upgrade RAM on Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium

JkOnTheRun’s Kevin Tofel just upgraded the RAM on his Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC and recorded the entire process for us all to see. As Kevin points out, this is not for the faint of heart. It is quite involved, and as Kevin experienced after the video was over, it is not without its risks: […]

Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet PC and UMPCs Get Novell YES Cerfitication

Four of Fujitsu’s Lifebooks, including two Tablet PCs and one UMPC, just received Novell’s YES certification for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED). The U810 UMPC (you know the Storm Trooper) the T2010, the P1620, (both Tablet PCS) and the S6510 all based muster. Here’s a link to the press release. Via Slashgear Tags: Fujitsu+Lifebook, […]

The MIU HDPC All-In-One: Everything Except A Dishwasher

News of this device has been around for awhile, but according to Aving, it looks like it might make it to market this summer (although where I’m not sure.) The dual OS MIU HDPC looks like it wants to be the device that does it all and even adds a few more promises than the […]

Intel Moving into SSD Production

The SSD market is getting a new player, and one with some weight and money to throw around. Intel is joining Samsung, Toshiba, and SanDisk in producing SSD storage drives. According to an interview posted on CNet, Intel will offer 1.8″ and 2.5″ SSDs with a capacity of 80-160GB in the second quarter of this […]

Giveaway of the Day – Evernote Beta

Did you miss out on the 10 invites that Rob had?  Well now is your chance to get in on the Beta!  Today over on Giveaway of the Day they are offering the Beta for all!  Head over and don’t miss out on this one! I ahve been using this for a while and I […]

Matt Miller Shifts In To Overdrive With Detail HTC Shift Review

We posted yesterday about Matt Miller’s first-look review of the new Sprint-equipped HTC Shift. In this latest installment, Matt goes in to much more detail about this much anticipated UMPC. His closing thoughts: The Shift would really have had to blow me out of the water to come up with US$1500 and it did not. […]

HTC Shift On Sprint EVDO Network – Matt Miller’s Review

Matt Miller has been holding out on us. He’s been reviewing the HTC Shift running on Sprint’s EVDO network and has just posted his initial first looks review and 140+ images. Based on his first impressions, there doesn’t look to be much to get excited about, especially with a $1499 price tag. Matt promises more […]

Fujitsu Lifeook U810 On The Cheap

Been holding off on a new U810 because of the price?  Well, now is your chance to get a great deal on one.  J& has them for $949.00 with a $100 rebate!  That makes your out of pocket only $849.00.  Get to them while they last! Box Contents: LifeBook U810 Notebook PC, 4-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery, […]

OQO Special: Free Accessory Bundle Though March 31 with Purchase of Model 02

The ad on the site is a bit hard to miss, but this is definitely worth mentioning – OQO is giving away a free accessory bundle with the purchase of a Model 02 Tablet PC. The $327 accessory bundle includes a double capacity battery, double capacity Stronghold case, and an auto/airline adapter kit. The special […]

Samsung Planning a Stripped Down Educational Version of the Q1 Ultra

This is interesting. According to Pocket-Lint, Samsung is planning to go head to head with Asus and their very successful Eee PC by creating a stripped down version of the Q1 Ultra UMPC targeted at the education sector. From what I’m reading on this at the moment this also looks targeted at the UK markets at […]

Premium Coverage on the Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC

Are you interested in Samsung’s Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC? Then you need to be checking out Kevin Tofel’s coverage of his brand spanking new Q1 Ultra Premium, dubbed Samwise. He just got started covering the device, but knowing Kevin, he will not leave a stone unturned as he discovers everything there is learn about the […]

Imagining Haiku

Some times a picture speaks volumes, sometimes it says it all. Loren Heiny recently posted this sketch in a post titled Imagine how different the world would be.       Tags: Haiku, Microsoft

Interview With Toshiba –

Notebook Review has posted an interview with Todd Smith, Director of Product Marketing for Toshiba of Canada.  Nice interview and there was also a little tid-bit of information concerning MIDs and UMPC’s.  Read the full interview over on the Notebook Review site. On the subject of Ultra Mobile PCs: Andrew asks: What are your thoughts […]

Rotation Coming to InkSeine

This will be cool. Ken Hinckley blogs that they are working on adding rotation to InkSeine, the best Tablet PC Inking application we’ve seen in some time. I say bring it on, Ken! Check out what Ken has to say here.     Tags: InkSeine