UMPC and MID Info Coming from CeBit 2008

CeBit 2008 is just around the corner and information is starting to come out about UMPCs and MIDs ahead of the show. Both jkkmobile and UMPCPortal’s Steve “Chippy” Paine look they are heading to CeBit so I’m sure we’ll see lots of great coverage from both of them. (I hope they have time to do […]

UMPCs in the News

Several UMPCs have been in the news lately, some in a positive manner, and some not so. First up, The Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC appears to be shipping from a few retailers and getting into users hands. Head over to the Origami Project forums for a list of retailers and at least one early […]

TechTicker Goes Hands on with the HCL MiLeap UMPC

I may be getting senile and we may have mentioned this before but I’m coming up dry searching for it. No matter, TechTicker is running some hands on pictures and thoughts on HCL’s MiLiap Y series, which comes in both an X series (900MHz Celeron processor) and a Y series (A110 Processor). It comes with […]

Samsung P9 UMPC Rumors Quashed

Remember the supposed Samsung P9 UMPC Concept video we ran the other day? CTitanic was very excited by this, but even then we had our doubts. Turns out out doubt-o-meter was correct. It is indeed a concept, and not even from Samsung. Too bad. One of the prettiest concepts we’ve seen.   Tags: UMPC

HP Compaq 2133 UMPC News and Speculation Continues

Things just keep hopping about HP’s Compaq 2133 UMPC that may or may no be due this spring. We’ve reached out to HP but so far the slience is deafening. Of course that just breeds more speculation, so maybe one day these companies will learn that lesson. See The HTC Shift story. But anyway, this […]

HP UMPC Pictures and Specs Coming Out

We mentioned the HP UMPC the other day and now it looks like Engadget has gotten their hands on some pictures and specs on the device. The HP Compaq 2133 is called a “lifestyle accessory” according to Engadget, and comes with a 8.9 inch screen running a 1366×766 WGA resolution. Other specs include and ExpressCard […]

Samsung P9 UMPC Concept

CTitanic leads his post about this video of the Samsung P9 UMPC with the following: Everything that you know or you may have seen about UMPCs is nothing compare to what you are about to see in this next video >  I’m not sure, given that we don’t know much about specs and details, if […]

HP UMPC Due This Spring?

Crave is reporting that HP might be releasing an UMPC this spring. While specs aren’t available from the article, some intriguing surmising is. Here’s a quote: In fact, according to one HP staff, “you won’t even need to consider this purchase. You’ll buy it like a handphone without a thought”. At this price range, we […]

The Lines Continue To Blur With Small Mobile Devices

We’ve talked in the past about the blurring lines (and horrible branding) when it comes to mobile devices like MIDs, UMPCs, and the like. It looks like those blurry lines are going to continue to become even more fuzzy from the Personal Media Player (PMP) sector. Electronista is reporting that Archos is readying a new […]

The HTC Shift Available in Europe, Finally

Looks like HTC is finally shipping the Shift, at least in Europe. Word is it is now available in Europe for 1119 euros. It also comes with the new Origami Experience 2.0 included and from what I’m reading still only 2 hours of battery life. Now, when is it going to head to this side […]

Intel Putting the "Internet in Your Pocket"

Yes, the phrase is borrowed from Apple, but Intel also looks to put the Internet in your pocket with the introduction of the MIDs running on the Silverthorne processor. The Menlow platform is comprised of the Silverthorne processor and Poulsbo chipset. Wired has a provoking article that leads off with some great info on the […]

Elusive HTC Shift Available Feb 19 – 21?

GBM reader Gavin Miller sent us a link to Register Hardware, where they claim the HTC Shift will actually go on sale at on Feb 19. Expansys is a UK based retailer who also sells in the US. (The former now links to Expansys USA.) Checking the US site, it appears the device […]

Ultra-Mobile PC Picture Taking with DialKeys

Steve Van der Hoeven, Fortune Fountain‘s Product Manager for DialKeys , has written a guest tutorial on how to take pictures with your UMPC and have them automatically uploaded to Flickr – all using DialKeys Gen 2. Utilizing GPS, the pictures also get geo tagged. Read the full tutorial here. Up until now the […]

Voice Control for MIDs

As everyone eagerly awaits the first shipping MIDs, we have to appease ourselves with what news we can get, and this is an interesting nugget. One Voice Technologies, Inc. released an announcement today that they will be demoing voice control for MIDs at the Mobile World Congress conference next week. Obviously voice control has been […]

Otto Berkes Checks Out the Asus Eee PC

The man behind the UMPC, Otto Berkes, has written a blog entry about his thoughts on the Asus Eee PC that is worth a read. The title? Sweet Spot. Here’s an excerpt: “The Eee adheres to some of the core tenets of the ultra-mobile PC – a low-cost, highly mobile, full-fidelity companion computer. In fact, […]

Try out the new Tablet PC Conversation Tracker

Loren Heiny has done it again. This time he’s started creating a “conversation tracker” that will aggregate Tablet PC conversations across multiple sites. It’s only a developer version right now, but he’s invited everyone to give their opinions. The idea would be a single, threaded, central repository of news where you could get caught up […]

GottaBeMobile January InkShow, Shortcut, and Podcast Roundup

CES 2008 has come and gone, the Super Bowl will be over tonight, and now attention turns to what comes next. So, what are you going to watch after the football season comes to a close? How about some GBM InkShow? While some are predicting a lull in mobile tech news for awhile, there is […]

Sumocat Continues Evolving Build 52

Ink Bloggers are happy. Sumocat is continuing to evolve Build 52, his Ink Blogging tool that allows linking in Ink. He’s added more options to the style of Links in Ink, tweaked the abilithy to adjust link borders, and he’s reintroduced 50% opacity when you hover over a link. Check it out here.     […]

UMPC Chip Overview from Chippy

If you’re trying to sort out what’s what with which chip in which UMPC, you might want to take a look at Chippy’s UMPC Reports: UMPC CPU Overiview Q1 2008 at UMPCPortal. Chippy has put together a pretty thorough walk thru on what’s out there and what’s coming from Intel, VIA, AMD, and ARM as […]

Dial Keys Gen 2 Video on Channel 10 – Plus Beta Download

Want to check out the new Dial Keys application – called Dial Keys Gen 2?  Well, there was a video posted today over on Channel 10 that covers the new features and look of Dial Keys.  And, If you really want to give it a close up look – go over and download the Public […]