Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air Not As Solid


Tablets and keyboards. Tablets and keyboard cases. Tablets and keyboard covers. When iPads were first released many thought they wouldn’t succeed without a keyboard. Then when keyboards started appearing some thought they would be useless appendages for Touch Tablets. Then the Tablet keyboard market took off and before you know it makers from Logitech, Belkin, […]

Asus To Go Ultrathin with sub-$500 Ultrathin Notebook

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Chuong Nguyen caught up with Andy Lusky of AMD at CES 2012 and got a quick look at something Ultra. Well, that’s Ultra as in Ultrathin not Ultrabook. Given that everything with the word Ultra attached to it these days usually has thin attached, this Asus Ultrathin notebook has a few things that might be […]

AMD Readying MacBook Air, Ultrabook Challenger


Chipmaker AMD may be readying an ultra-sleek notebook platform to challenge Apple’s MacBook Air and rival Intels’ Ultrabook. The company hinted at its plan in a recent interview with The Australian. AMD wouldn’t use Intel’s Ultrabook moniker, however, and the company would create its own brand, perhaps Ultrathin. In order for AMD to be successful […]