The GBM iPad Series: Stall Surfing and the iPad


I know some folks think I’m crude when I post and remind them that there is such a thing as Stall Surfing. You know, surfing the web while sitting on the throne. But the truth is, more people than are willing to admit do so. Smartphones made this practice, though still cloaked in subterfuge, even […]

Viliv Adds HID Driver to S5 UMPC


Viliv has added an HID driver for Windows 7 to the S5 UMPC. The bottom line on this is that S5 users can now have much better Tablet PC functionality. The TIP won’t lag when it pops up, calibration might actually hold, the Tablet PC keyboard is the default instead of the Accessibility keyboard,  and […]

More than you wanted to know about tablet design

At his Carrypad blog, Chippy has, and I think this term is spot-on, dumped everything he thinks about tablet design in a post complete with diagrams and lengthy bullet point list, entitled “Things to Consider when Designing or Buying a Tablet-style device.” Despite the size of his post, he’s quick to point out it’s by […]

Viliv To Launch N5 UMPC at CES2010


Viliv keeps trying to pump life into the UMPC form factor and it looks like one of its next big moves is to launch a clamshell device. Good friends Chippy and jkkmobile point to a CES2010 release of the Viliv N5, a 4.8 inch UMPC with a keyboard. That keyboard thing to my mind is […]

Could the PsiXpda be the “ultimate pocket computer”?


jkOnTheRun has the scoop on a new UMPC called the PsiXpda. James has seen a demo of it over Skype. He’s calling it a “clamshell” device, but compares it to the HTC Shift which is a tilt slider. Not a whole lot of images to judge by, but from the one supplied, I’d say it […]

Fujitsu Lifebook UH900 is a Multi-Touch Marvel


Fujitsu has lifted the curtain on a new UMPC that seems built around the idea that, if the device is small and light enough, you don’t need to hide away the keyboard to work the touchscreen. The UH900 features a clamshell design, not slider or convertible. Looks like an ultra-portable but sounds easy enough to […]

Heck of a Hack: Quad-booting, Over-clocked Sony VAIO UX


Some creatures were never meant to live, like Frankenstein’s monster, a mish-mash of body parts stitched together and given life through unholy means. The Sony VAIO UX experiment unveiled at the Micro PC Talk forum follows that vein, except as possibly the fastest UMPC in the world, I’m sure it’s too busy bringing the heat […]

They’re reading Kindle on their tablets. Are you?


Amazon’s Kindle reader for PC has been out for less than a day, and already people are posting shots of it running on their tablets. No surprise that Chippy from UMPCPortal was quick to try it on his ultra-mobiles. He’s showing it off on his Gigabyte T1028M convertible. Looks like a good fit on the […]

Kevin Tofel Puts Android 1.6 on the Samsung Q1UMPC


There’s lots of new gear rolling out here this fall, especially on the mobile scene. There’s also quite a bit of modding going around where folks are taking older hardware and installing newer OS’s. Kevin Tofel decided to whip out his Samsung Q1 UMPC and see what would happen if he installed Android 1.6 on […]

UMPCPortal and jkkmobile hosting live Q&A on Touchscreen Convertibles


UMPCPortal and jkkmobile are teaming up for a live Q&A session focused on the new wave of touchscreen convertibles that are hitting the market. The session is taking place September 15th after the Archos event in Paris (I’d go, but the drive would be suicide). On hand for their hands-on will be the Viliv S7, […]

Old-school gamer shares more insight on UMPC gaming

via Ars Technica

Still calling his Samsung Q1UP a Tablet PC, Jon Stokes at Ars Technica follows up on his previous report on old-school gaming on a UMPC with updated minimum specs and battery performance. Responding to complaints over the price of his rig, he notes he can underclock the 1.33GHz processor down to 800MHz without suffering a […]

Interview with a wearable computer creator

UMPCPortal sits down with the creator of a computer rig that lets you walk around and downloads more data on how it came about. You’ll remember user designate FiveSeven808 and his wearable computer rig from their initial post several weeks ago. This presumably is the interview teased in that debut. The interview goes into the […]

Old-school gamer discovers joys of UMPC

via Ars Technica

I consider “old-school” gaming to be the pen & paper stuff, where you roll dice and track hit points, but I’m old like that. At the end of my gaming days, I used my Tablet PC for rolling dice electronically, tracking my stats onscreen, organizing character notes, and accessing digital game books. Jon Stokes of […]

Computerworld: Windows 7 ‘refreshes’ an old UMPC

Computerworld posted a rundown of low-end and older PCs tested with Windows 7. On the list is an old ultra-mobile PC, and by “old”, I mean a Samsung Q1 from way back in 2007. It’s the second newest machine on their list, right before a year-old Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. Still, it’s not like […]

Wearable Computing Becomes Reality (for This Guy)

Image courtesy UMPCPortal

One of my  fellow kama’ainas  back home in the 808 (that’s Hawai’i to the rest of you) has put together a wearable computing rig powered by a Sony UX380N. Brian Kuriyama, who goes by the screen name Seven of Nine  fiveseven808 (your name’s on your Twitter, brah), put together this sweet system from the following […]

UMPC Maker Raon Digital Down and Out?

Pocketables is reporting that Raon Digital, UMPC maker from Korea, may be out of action. They received a tip that the maker of the Vega and Everun Note has run into financial trouble and may be in bankruptcy court, and now their website is pulling up a “site unavailable” message. What this means for owners […]

The Viliv S5 as a Tablet PC on Video

jkOnTheRun reader Hector Gomez likes the Viliv S5 UMPC, like most who have gotten their hands on one. He likes it so much that he’s installed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition on it. Note that you can’t purchase this edition, but that didn’t stop Hector. As you can see from the video, not only did […]

Viliv S7 Convertible UMPC Now Has a Price


Is Viliv the new Asus? It is probably way to early to ask and answer that question, and you still have to go through an importer like Dynamism to get their products here in the states. That said, Viliv keeps cranking out new UMPC versions. They’ve now added the Viliv S7 Convertible to the lineup […]

Viliv S5 with 3G Special Event at Dynamism

The Viliv UMPCs still attract a lot of attention (Xavier is loving using it with Dragon Naturally Speaking) and the good folks at Dynamism have been one of the key reasons why with their special ordering events and packages. For those who have been waiting to pick up the Viilv S5 with Integrated 3G and […]