Why Case-Less iPhone Users Should Opt for the iPhone 5C Over iPhone 5S


Despite its use of plastics, which is often considered a less premium material than aluminum or metal in design, the iPhone 5C shows that it could survive scratches and more harsh conditions better than the flagship iPhone 5S. Given what we¬†think we know about both phones, the iPhone 5C will utilize a unibody polycarbonate rear […]

Could a Unibody Ceramic Enclosure Make Its Way to 2013’s Budget iPhone?


With Apple rumored to be releasing two new iPhone models this year, a budget entry-level model and a flagship iPhone 5S, it is now rumored that the iPhone-maker may be looking at ceramic for the body of the low-cost iPhone model. Rather than the plastic shell that’s been previously rumored for an entry-level 2013 iPhone […]

Rumor: Apple iPhone 5 Launching in June With Liquidmetal Case


The latest report suggests that Apple may be moving the launch date for its next-generation iPhone launch back to June after having launched the iPhone 4S in the fall. Additionally, the company’s latest flagship smartphone is described to have a Liquidmetal case, giving it strength while retaining a thin and light form factor. In the […]

One Analyst Predicts 4-Inch iPhone With Unibody Construction to Debut in October

Original iPhone with unibody aluminum design

Following an earlier report that Apple’s next iPhone–the model that would succeed the iPhone 4S in the company’s lineup–will debut this October, we’re hearing from Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White that the new iPhone would use a radically different design than what is currently employed today. White says that the next-generation iOS flagship smartphone […]

To Give the One S Its Strength, HTC Strikes It With a Lightning Shock


In a marketing video highlighting how the HTC One S is made, HTC reveals how the company is giving the One S smartphone its strength. While the company has been using metal finishes on its smartphones for years–the original international version of the GSM HTC Hero smartphone is a prime example–HTC is stepping up the […]

HTC Titan Latest Handset to Suffer From Antennagate Issues


The issue of poor reception with metal construction on cellular phones was made notorious on Apple’s iPhone 4, which had a stainless steel band that served as both the phone’s antenna and as structural support for the phone. In what was known publicly as Antennagate, the iPhone 4 had diminished reception when a user held […]

HTC Going the Samsung Route, Chooses Plastic Over Metal in Future Phones


HTC may be looking at utilizing more plastics in its smartphone casing in future phones in a move away from its signature ubibody aluminum designs that was popularized on phones like the international GSM HTC Hero, the HTC Desire and HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T, and the HTC Sensation. The company’s utilization of plastic would […]

Nokia MeeGo Slider Phone Lives On as Developer Edition


While Nokia had announced its first MeeGo smartphone in the form of the slate-styled Nokia N9, developers will be able to get another version of the MeeGo phone with a slide-out keyboard and some modified specs. Dubbed the Nokia N950, the developer edition with its sliding keyboard should resemble early leaks for Nokia’s MeeGo phones […]

Next iPad Could Have Carbon Fiber Body According to Apple Patent


While a patent for a carbon fiber iPad was seen at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it doesn’t mean that such a design may get released for use. However, carbon fiber may give Apple and its users some benefits, including a lighter weight tablet as well as better reception for WiFi and 3G radios […]