Verizon to Unlimited Data Plans: We Are Never Ever, Ever Getting Back Together


*+-Like scorned lovers out of a Taylor Swift heartbreak sonata, Verizon head Lowell McAdam said in an interview that it will never again offer unlimited data plans. The nation’s largest carrier says that unlimited data is just not sustainable, especially in an age where consumers are consuming more videos on mobile broadband pipes, like those […]

Sprint Selling iPhone 5s for Just $99

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 2.08.58 AM

*+-Sprint is the first wireless carrier to offer the iPhone 5s at a discount, but there is a catch. The $99 16GB iPhone 5s is only available to new Sprint customers who are transferring a phone number from another wireless carrier. The $100 incentive is available on all other Sprint smartphones, including the iPhone 5c. […]

Sprint ‘One Ups’ The Competition With Leaked Early Upgrade Program


*+-As the last of the four major U.S. carriers to roll out an early upgrade program, Sprint’s leaked ‘One Up’ plan shows that the carrier is looking to offer subscriber the option to upgrade their phones annually by trading in old devices while at the same time saving on their monthly plans. The program follows […]

New Year, New Throttling Policy for Boost Mobile


*+-Sprint’s wholly-owned prepaid subsidiary Boost Mobile will be implementing throttling policies for data-intensive users on its mobile broadband network. Though smartphone users will still have access to the prepaid carrier’s prepaid plans, which piggybacks off of Sprint’s nationwide network, heavy data users who exceed 2.5 GB of data transfer over 2G, 3G, or 4G WiMax […]

T-Mobile Introduces Truly Unlimited Data Plans


*+-While T-Mobile has been marketing its current 3G and 4G data plans as unlimited, there is a small catch in that after a certain amount of usage–you decide how much that is based on your data plan selection and amount you’re willing to pay per month–your speeds would get throttled to slower 2G EDGE speeds, […]

Republic Wireless Proposes Specs for Device Lineup for Its $20 a Month Plan


*+-Wireless newcomer and challenger Republic Wireless, which may be successful in uprooting the current voice and data plan offerings from today’s carriers, has now offered a glimpse of the devices that it hopes to offer in its lineup. The unique thing about Republic Wireless versus other prepaid carriers or MVNOs is that the carrier piggybacks […]

T-Mobile to Introduce Unlimited Any Mobile Plan April 4


*+-According to a leaked document, T-Mobile USA may introduce a plan add-on that will allow its customers in the U.S. to call any domestic mobile number and not have those calls count against their monthly minute allotments. The document was obtained by T-Mobile news-centric blog TmoNews and indicates that the plan will cost an extra […]

Republic Wireless Now Offering True Unlimited, $20 Price Per Month Remains


*+-MVNO mobile service provider Republic Wireless, which launched with a strings-attached fair use unlimited offering for $20 per month, entered a lot of heat when customers and press found out that its definition of unlimited voice and data meant unlimited over WiFi. The company has heard user complaints and has changed its policies in a gesture […]

Republic Wireless Offers $19 a Month ‘Unlimited’ Plans Without Contracts

republic wireless

*+-The competition for no contract, low cost smartphones just get a hell of a lot more interesting today thanks to the launch of Republic Wireless. Republic Wireless‘ new “unlimited” everything plan offers unlimited calling, texting and data usage all for $19 a month. It can do this by catering to customers who spend most of their time on […]

Why Verizon’s 4G Limits May be the Droid Bionic’s Achilles Heel

4G Downloads eat up limited data fast.

*+-The Droid Bionic might be the best 4G LTE phone you can buy, but Verizon’s limits will prevent the device from living up to its full potential. Both Motorola’s Droid Bionic and Verizon’s 4G network are speed demons, but what’s the use if you have to worry about burning through your data allocation before the […]

AT&T to Cut Off Unlimited Data For Jailbroken iPhone Hotspot Accounts

AT&T to Cut Off Unlimited Data For Jailbroken iPhone Hotspot Accounts

*+-AT&T has confirmed to BGR that it will soon start taking away unlimited data access to those on grandfathered data plans using jailbroken iPhones or devices that take advantage of unauthorized tethering or mobile hotspot applications. So, if you don’t currently have an official tethering plan with AT&T, you might want to start thinking about […]

T-Mobile Offers New Data Plans if You Bring Your Own Phone

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*+-T-Mobile wants to make it easier and cheaper for users to come join the T-Mobile network. To make this a reality, T-Mobile is adding Value Plans, which combing a collection of talk, text and data deals to help you find a plan that fits your needs. The big news is the new data plans, which […]

Verizon Extends Free HTC ThunderBolt Hotspot Access To June 15th


*+-The ThunderBolt came with free 4G Hotspot service until May 15th, and now that the date has passed Verizon is sending subscribers text messages letting them know that they can have another month of free, if not finicky, wireless tethering. The new free tethering extension puts the end date in line with the end of […]

Verizon Ending Unlimited 4G Data On Thursday?

HTC ThunderBolt

*+-It looks like an announcement about the end of unlimited 4G data could come from Verizon as soon as tomorrow. There have been reports that have stated that Big Red would be ending its unlimited 4G data plan option completely in favor of a 5GB for $49.99 a month capped plan for customers using LTE […]

Tech Companies Bend Definitions

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*+-It’s no secret that advertisements are designed to put products in the best light possible, but sometimes the copywriters take things a little too far. I was watching TV last night when a Virgin mobile ad ran, offering unlimited web and email and ‘hundreds’ of voice minutes for $25. Sounds like a pretty good deal, […]