T-Mobile Carrier Update Enables iPhone 5 LTE

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 could arrive tomorrow.

A T-Mobile carrier update for the iPhone 5 enables 4G LTE and other features for both the upcoming T-Mobile iPhone 5 and any unlocked models users want to bring to the “UNcarrier.” The new carrier update essentially makes all of the features of the iPhone 5 work on T-Mobile’s network, assuming the user has an […]

Apple Removes iPhone 5 Buying Limit

iPhone 5 order limit

Apple no longer limits iPhone 5 buyers to two devices per customer according to a MacRumors report. When Apple started selling the iPhone 5 unlocked starting at $649 the fine print on the website said buyers could only buy two┬áiPhone 5 units. Now that sentence is gone, and anybody can buy as many unlocked iPhones […]

Unlocked iPhone 5 Could Hit U.S. Apple Store Tonight


A new report claims that the unlocked iPhone 5, which has been absent from the U.S. version of the Apple Store since the iPhone 5’s launch back in September, will go on sale tonight through Apple’s online marketplace and land in retail stores soon. According to 9to5Mac, the unlocked iPhone 5 could land on the […]

Unlocked iPhone 5 Price Confirmed by Apple’s Website

Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 10.32.20 AM

The unlocked iPhone 5, which Apple has yet to sell through its website more than a month after the iPhone 5’s release, has appeared on the company’s website showing off the potential price of the device when it does arrive. First discovered by AppleInsider, the listing reveals the possible price tags for the unreleased unlocked […]

No Unlocked iPhone 5 Sales on Release Day


While the on-contract versions of the iPhone 5 will go up for pre-order tomorrow and will be released in retail stores on September 21st, the unlocked iPhone 5 won’t make its debut in the United States until several weeks after the iPhone 5’s initial launch. The Verge confirmed the grim news with several Apple Store […]