Petition Against Phone Unlocking Ban Will Get White House Response

iPhone unlocking details

An online petition to make unlocking cell phones legalĀ once more received more than 100,000 signatures. That means the White House will have to respond to the petition. The petition reached the 100,000 signature threshold a few days before it was due to end on February 23, so anyone interested in making phone unlocking legal again […]

MetroPCS Interested in Unlocked 4G LTE iPhone 5

MetroPCS Interested in Unlocked 4G LTE iPhone 5

If Apple decides to release a 4G LTE iPhone 5 sometime this year, MetroPCS might be waiting in the wings to offer it unlocked on its 4G LTE network. According to Wireless Week, MetroPCS CFO Braxton Carter stated that while the carrier does not offer the iPhone or really want unlocked iPhone users using the […]

AT&T to Start Unlocking iPhones on April 8th

AT&T to Start Unlocking Off-Contract iPhones on April 8th

Just a day after it became apparent that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had forced AT&T to unlock the iPhones of some customers comes word that the carrier will start unlocking off-contract iPhones starting on April 8th. The policy change has not been confirmed by either Apple or AT&T, but instead, it’s a rumor coming from […]