T-Mobile Relaxes SIM Unlock Policy


T-Mobile USA is responding to customer feedback after it had changed to its UN-carrier plan offerings by relaxing its stance on SIM unlocking smartphones. Previously, the carrier would only unlock smartphones that had been paid in full or if customers have remained in good standing for 18 months. As of May 6th, after some vocal […]

AT&T Commits to Phone Unlocking


Despite laws saying users cannot unlock their cellphones to work on any carrier, AT&T today said in a blog post that it will continue to unlock phones that are out of contract. In order to get AT&T to unlock a phone, the user must have had an account with AT&T for at least 60 days […]

White House Supports Phone Unlocking in Petition Response

iPhone unlocking details

In a response to a We The People petition the White House says “it’s time to legalize cell phone unlocking.” In the response the White House says it wants to make it legal for users to unlock their cell phones and tablets when they’re not bound by a service agreement. For users that would mean […]

iPhone Unlocking Illegal Starting Saturday, Won’t Stop Users

iPhone unlocking

On Saturday it will be illegal for consumers to unlock their iPhone to use on another carrier without going through official carrier channels. The change to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, commonly known as the DMCA, was made back in October, but allowed a 90 day window for consumers to buy and unlock their iPhone or other smartphone without […]

How to Unlock the iPhone on AT&T

How to Unlock Your iPhone on AT&T

Yesterday, AT&T changed its policy in regards to unlocking off-contract iPhone devices. Translation, it now offers to unlock these iPhones free of charge. The process is a relatively simple one but we wanted to share just how one might go about unlocking their iPhone on AT&T. Unlocking an iPhone will allow users to insert any […]

HTC Super Tool Hack Roots, Unlocks Many HTC Smartphones, Tablets


A user-created hack called the HTC Super Tool allows HTC phone and tablet users to root and unlock their HTC-made Android handsets easily. The tool works on a variety of HTC devices currently. Though HTC had announced earlier this year that it would be opening up its devices to official unlocking following controversy about locked […]

Apple Stores Can Now Unlock New AT&T iPhone 4 (for a price)


Customers who buy new iPhone 4s at Apple retail stores may be given an AT&T version that’s unlocked on the spot at an Apple retail store should the store run out of the unlocked model, which suggests that Apple has the capability of unlocking the AT&T edition of the GSM iPhone 4 units. According to […]

Don’t Count on AT&T for Unlocking iPhone 4


Now that Apple has made a first-party official SIM-unlocked iPhone 4 available to consumers to buy in the U.S., AT&T’s customers should still not expect the carrier to unlock their AT&T-locked iPhones. iPhone user Chronic tweeted on Twitter that ‘AT&T has told me that if you already own a locked iPhone 4, they are still […]

Site Claims It Can Unlock iPhone Without Jailbreaking for $180


There is a site are a number of that promises to unlock your iPhone so that it could be used on any GSM wireless carrier, like T-Mobile instead of AT&T in the US. Normally this requires jailbreaking the phone and going one step further to unlock it. The folks at GSM Phone Source, Unlock Base, […]