Sprint Adds 4 New 4G LTE Devices at CTIA to Growing Network


While Sprint still needs to grow its 4G LTE network coverage map across the country, the nation’s third largest carrier has expanded its portfolio of smartphones, tablets, and modems that will be capable of fast LTE speeds. Some of these devices, like the LG Optimus G, have been announced previously, but the devices that made […]

AT&T’s 4G LTE Network in Atlanta Delivers Early Promising Speeds


Earlier this week, it was reported that AT&T had turned on its LTE network, though an official announcement was not yet made, in the Chicago, IL area with speeds that were a bit lackluster especially when compared against Verizon’s 4G LTE network. However, there are now reports that AT&T is also turning on its 4G […]

AT&T Makes Foray Into 4G with Hybrid HSPA+, LTE USB Dongle, Hotspot


Following rival carrier Verizon Wireless’s lead with 4G LTE, AT&T had announced two new data products to be launching this summer to make use of the nascent 4G LTE network. AT&T will be rolling out LTE services in five markets initially–Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, so the 4G LTE mobile broadband services will […]

Is Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Down?


It’s unclear if Verizon’s 4G LTE network is down, but at least in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, various 4G devices–MiFi mobile hotspot routers, a few 4G LTE Android smartphones, and a USB modem–refused to connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network, indicating that there may be network issues at least in the San Francisco […]

T-Mobile Launches Rocket 3.0 42 Mbps USB Modem


T-Mobile USA is launching its Rocket 3.0 4G USB modem as the carrier is turning on its faster 42 Mbps network in 55 markets. made by ZTE, the Rocket 3.0 modem is capable of achieving up to 42 Mbps theoretical download speeds, though usually real world speeds are lower. The device is available for $100 […]

AT&T Novatel MiFi 2372 Review (Video)


While Xavier’s been over the Sprint Overdrive, a 3G/4G mobile hotspot that’s made by Sierra Wireless to compete with Sprint’s original Novatel 3G MiFi, one possible alternative, which may be better for people in Xavier’s position, for a mobile broadband Internet connection on the go that’s sharable with up to five devices is AT&T’s MiFi […]

Mac Users Can Join Verizon’s 4G LTE Party in February


After an update was released for Verizon’s LG VL600 4G LTE USB modem, which brought with it improved performance, the carrier told Phonescoop that support for Mac users is forthcoming. Despite an aggressive roll-out to 38 metropolitan areas of its 4G LTE network and robust speeds, many users have complained that Verizon’s initial releases of […]

Quick Review: Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Burns Rubber!


Blazing fast speeds and modest promises help to boost Verizon Wireless’s claim that it is the fastest, most advanced 4G network in America. At its 4G LTE press conference, Verizon Wireless was modest about boasting about its 4G network. The carrier says that it is on track or even ahead of schedule in its network […]

Verizon Wireless Lighting up 4G LTE on 12/5, Data Plan Pricing Revealed


Verizon Wireless has unveiled more details about its 4G LTE network launch, which will be arriving in 38 major metropolitan markets. The roll-out will happen on Sunday, December 5th, and business users will be among the first to take advantage of the higher speeds, which the carrier is claiming to be 10 times faster than […]

Review: T-Mobile HSPA+ network and WebConnect rocket


Hey, did I mention I got to evaluate T-Mobile’s upgraded HSPA+ network via their WebConnect rocket laptop stick, a.k.a. USB modem? Yeah, shot some video on location while testing it too. But let’s say you just want to read how and see where it works. This write-up’s for you.

GBM InkShow: T-Mobile WebConnect Rocket


T-Mobile recently began upgrading their mobile network to HSPA+, offering speeds up to 21Mbps. Of course, “up to” is such a relative term. Does their faster network really deliver? That’s a question I sought to answer in evaluating their WebConnect Rocket laptop stick, a.k.a. USB modem.