3 Solutions to the Missing Galaxy S6 Micro SD Card

The SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive offers 16 to 64GB of added storage.

There are three options to add more storage to the Galaxy S6, even though there is no Micro SD card. These Galaxy S6 storage options aren’t as portable as sticking a small Micro SD card into the Galaxy S5, but it is an easy way to carry added movies, photos and documents with you on […]

iPhone 6 Reversible USB Lightning Cable Video Demo

iPhone 6 cable

iPhone 6 rumors have been buzzing lately about a new development that could see Apple introduce a reversible USB Lightning cable with the iPhone 6 when it’s expected to be launched next month. If you’re curious to see a connector like this in action, we actually got a hold of a reversible USB Lightning cable […]

See How Apple’s iPhone 6 Reversible USB Cable Could Work


iPhone 6 rumors have been buzzing lately about a new development that could see Apple introduce a reversible USB Lightning cable with the iPhone 6 when it’s expected to launched next month. If you’re curious to see a connector like this in action, we actually got a hold of a reversible USB cable to play […]

Sketchy iPhone 6 Lighting Cable Video Demo

iPhone 6

Recently we saw photos of what appeared to be a new reversible USB connector that could be coming with the new iPhone 6 next month, and a new video allows us to see the USB plug in action. The video comes from Sonny Dickson, who has treated us in the past with several leaks of […]

Can You Use a Non-iPhone Charger with Your iPhone?


If you happened to misplace your iPhone charger, you might be curious whether or not you can use a different USB charger that you have lying. Here’s what to look for when you’re wanting to use a non-iPhone charger with your iPhone. Every smartphone comes with its own charger, mostly because each phone requires a […]

New Reversible USB Cable Will Be Ready for Nexus 6, Note 4

This new cable could end the flip it over frustration Android users experience daily.

A new reversible USB cable that is slimmer and simpler to use will be ready for devices this fall which means Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note 4 buyers may be able to say goodbye to figuring out which side of a charger is up. This new USB cable will end the awkward and frustrating practice […]

Anker Power IQ Automatically Optimizes Device Charging Based on Amps


External batteries and other charger usually are only able to charge certain devices at a single amperage — a lot of phones charge at 1.0 amps (sometimes slightly more), while most tablets charge at 2.1 amps. This can pose a problem when you want to charge your iPad, but don’t have a compatible charger. Anker […]

New USB Plug to Be Smaller and Reversible


For the first time in the history of USB, a new USB plug will change course and will be designed differently than past iterations, getting rid of the infamous “duck bill” look in favor of a smaller and reversible plug that will make it easier to connect devices. The new plug is called Type-C, and it’s […]

Apple’s Latest Notebook Patent Continues to Make PCs Look Obese


Despite moving into the thin, light, and powerful computing segment with Intel into the Ultrabook space, PC vendors are reportedly concerned about Apple’s latest patent filing. Apple, which has led the industry with its minimalist design and more recently with thinness thanks to the MacBook Air, has filed for a patent that would see the […]

Apple Lightning Dock Connector Can Allow iPhone 5 to Be USB Host


Perhaps one of the big features of Apple’s transition to the new Lightning Dock Connector from the historic 30-pin Dock Connector used on many iOS products and iPods today is that the new Lightning format will also allow devices to support USB host capabilities. This will be a huge nod to power users who find […]

New iPhone 5 Dock Connector Called ‘Lightning’

Lightning Adapter Apple

Apple has updated its proprietary dock connector format for the iPhone 5 and will be calling the new standard and connector ‘Lightning.’ Lightning will be an all-digital 8-signal design with an adaptive interface and ‘improved durability’ according to Apple. The design is said to be 80 percent smaller and is reversible. In addition, users with […]

PowerBag Puts a Battery in Your Backpack


Running out of power is a real problem for 4G LTE smartphone users and tablet owners, which is why I was excited to take a closer look at some of these powerful bags during CES 2012. Instead of relying on battery packs that are too often left at home, the PowerBag approach puts the battery […]

Apple Patent Reveals Plans to Include Thunderbolt on iOS iPhone, iPad


Apple already includes its Thunderbolt port, created as a collaboration with Intel, on its MacBook and iMac, but the standard may also be going mobile as well. The iOS-maker has recently filed for patents to use Thunderbolt on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. At the very least, Thunderbolt would be able […]

Tether Your Android Without Root for Free with ClockworkMod Tether

Tether without Root

Tethering your Mac or PC to your Android phone for internet access just got a lot easier and safer with the release of ClockworkMod Tether for Android. This new app allows you to tether your Android smartphone, including the Galaxy Nexus, to your Windows, Mac or Linux computer to share your phone’s internet connection. Unlike […]

Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet Review: 2 USB Charging Ports for Your Wall

Power2U USB Wall Outlet

These days, pretty much all of my gadgets charge over USB. This means my nightstand and office outlets are covered with bulky, unsightly USB adapters. So I jumped at the chance to review the new Power2U AC/USB outlet. This new outlet from NewerTech is an easy to install wall outlet that adds two USB charging […]

iTether App Sneaks Into App Store, Brings Unlimited Tethering


Those on AT&T’s network and are holding onto their grandfathered unlimited $30 per month data plan and dream of tethering may be happy to know that an app has snuck itself into Apple’s App Store to bring just that exact functionality. As AT&T requires grandfathered unlimited plan owners who wish to gain tethering capabilities to […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Supports USB Mass Storage, Galaxy Nexus Does Not.


It has been discovered that although Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone does not support USB mass storage for mounting the phone as a drive on a computer, the OS behind the phone, known as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, does support the feature. According to Reddit commenter morrildl, the reason that the Galaxy Nexus does not […]

My Favorite Part About the Droid RAZR: Its Charger

photo (1)

Our own Ms. Bradford will be giving the Droid RAZR from Motorola a detailed spin, so check back on GottaBeMobile.com for a full review soon. In the meantime, however, I want to share one of my favorite features about the hotly anticipated new Motorola and Verizon Wireless flagship, and it’s not what you expect. There […]

Why I Love Yellow USB Ports (Sleep and Charge)

Yellow USB port charging

This week I have been working in all kinds of places, which means I am spending more time than normal on my ThunderBolt, which translates into horrible battery life. Thankfully the little yellow USB ports on several review notebooks have saved the day. The yellow USB port is becoming fairly common on new computers. It […]