Apple Patent Hints at Curved iPhone Display


Apple may be joining the ranks of the Samsung Nexus S, the Dell Venue Pro, and the Nokia Lumia smarthones with its next iPhone as the smartphone-maker appears to be experimenting with glass displays. In a recent patent filing uncovered by┬áPatently Apple, it appears that Apple may be working on its own innovation to potentially […]

Is Google Working on a Nexus Watch?


In addition to Android smartphones and tablets as well as the new Project Glass wearable computing device, Google may have plans for a smart watch with a new patent. It’s unclear if Google will or even has plans to commercialize this smart watch, but the company has filed for a patent detailing what a Google-made […]

Chinese iPhone Clone-Maker Accuses Apple of Stealing iPhone 5’s Design


While Apple may have won over $1 billion in damages from Samsung after having accused the South Korean Android smartphone- and tablet-maker of stealing the designs of the iPhone and iPad, a new twist is happening in China as it relates to the next-generation iPhone 5’s design. We had reported that Chinese clone-maker Goophone had […]

Patent Suggests Apple Bringing Automatic Profiles to Location-Aware iPhone


Want your iPhone to switch to vibrate or mute in a meeting? Turn off notification and wireless when you enter a classroom? A newly uncovered Apple patent suggest that Apple is looking at enabling automatic profile switching, a much requested feature for the flagship smartphone since it was introduced in mid-2007, through the use of […]

Samsung to Call Windows 8 Tablets ATIV Tab, Windows Phone 8 ATIV S?


Samsung has been using its Galaxy brand for its Android smartphones, which seems to be a successful strategy for the South Korean electronics-maker. However, Samsung also makes a line of Windows Phone 8 products and the company has committed to manufacturing tablet hardware that runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system when that OS debuts […]

Smart Gloves to Be Minority Report Companion to Google’s Project Glass


Google’s Project Glass with its head-mounted display that was mounted at eye level caught the attention of the public and geeks when the initiative formally launched to developers at the company’s I/O conference late May this year. However, seeing is just one thing, and patent filings reveal that Google is looking to create a companion […]

Microsoft, Apple Had Inked Licensing Deal for Surface Tablet

As part of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung accusing the Galaxy-maker of patent infringement and copying the designs of the iPhone and iPad, it was revealed that Apple and Microsoft had inked a deal that would prevent either companies from blatantly copying each other.┬áReuters revealed that Apple and Microsoft had an anti-cloning agreement and that both […]

SHIELD Act Hopes to Curb Frivolous Patent Lawsuits


A new bill being proposed by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) hopes to help reduce the number of frivolous patent lawsuits initiated by patent trolls. Titled the Saving High-Tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Dispites, or SHIELD, Act, the proposed legislation is aimed at the computer hardware and software business. The way […]

Samsung Lawsuit Reveals a Motorola Photon-esque Apple iPhone Design


In Apple’s ongoing lawsuit with Samsung over patent infringement over the design and technologies found within the iPhone, iPad, and the iOS software, we are now treated to some early iPhone prototypes that never made it the market. When Apple released its unibody iPhone in June 2007, the rest was history, or so we thought […]

New OTA Update for International Galaxy S III Removes Universal Search


Following updates for the U.S.-based AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless models of the flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, Samsung is also rolling out the same update to the international edition of the Galaxy S III for GSM networks. The update, which actually doesn’t add any new functionality or bug fixes to the smartphone, does the […]

Select Motorola Smartphones, Tablets Banned in U.S. Today


Motorola Android smartphones and tablets are being banned from being imported into the U.S. effective today following an order from the U.S. International Trade Commission, or ITC. This time the ban is being sought after by Microsoft, and not by Apple, who claims that Motorola’s 18 products violate key patents surrounding Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync […]

RIM’s Safe Driving Patent May Make the Roads More Unsafe


Smartphone-maker Research in Motion had filed a patent with the USPTO to make the roads safer by deterring users from texting or operating their smartphones when the phone detects that it is inside a vehicle that’s moving at a certain speed or faster. Theoretically, this sounds like a great innovation to foster more hands-free usage […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sales to Resume Next Week

Galaxy Nexus sales will resume next week.

Google has confirmed that it removed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play Store but that Galaxy Nexus sales will resume next week. The company, in comments made to ABC News, confirmed that it had pulled the Galaxy Nexus due to Judge Lucy Koh’s injunction against Samsung. As it stands, the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now No Longer Available in the U.S.

Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 1.50.34 AM

Following Apple’s recent legal victory in securing a ban against Google’s Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone, that device is no longer available for purchase at this time in the U.S. The Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ edition is listed as ‘coming soon,’ and Google is now only taking email addresses should you wish to be notified when […]

Samsung, Google Working Together to Fight Apple in Legal War


As Apple is continuing Steve Jobs’ legacy of thermonuclear war on Android handset-makers with varying patent wars, Samsung and Google are now teaming up to try to put an end to Apple’s bullish tactics. The latest blow to Samsung and Google came last week when Apple had won several injunctions against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 […]

Nokia Patent Uses Steering Wheel to Control Car Audio


As Apple is announcing Siri Eyes-Free for cars, rival Nokia is also turning to the automotive space with a patent of its own to offer users an easier way to control their vehicle’s features, such as media play back. Instead of relying on voice control through a dedicated button on a car’s steering wheel, Nokia’s […]