Droid DNA Disappears as Verizon HTC One Release Nears

The HTC One users a 4.7-inch design.

The Droid DNA has vanished from Verizon Wireless’ website amidst rumors of a Verizon HTC One release taking place on August 15th. Earlier today, we learned that the Verizon HTC One release may have been pushed from August 1st to August 15th for unknown reasons. Droid-Life is saying that another source has backed up that […]

Verizon HTC One Launch is Unacceptable

The HTC One Mini is said to be smaller version of the HTC One.

It looks like Verizon HTC One buyers are going to have to wait even longer for the device to emerge from the shadows as the device’s release date has been pushed back to August 15th, just another setback in a launch that has, quite simply, been unacceptable. Prior to the HTC One’s launch in February, […]

Verizon HTC One Release Date Pushed Back Two Weeks

The Verizon HTC One release remains weeks away.

The Verizon HTC One Release remains weeks away as a new leak indicates Verizon will not announce the HTC One on August 1st, but will instead delay until August 15th. Despite an official confirmation of the HTC One for Verizon at the beginning of June, the popular smartphone remains MIA two months later, but there […]

Verizon HTC One: 5 Keys for Success

The HTC One is cheap at Amazon. The Verizon HTC One likely will be too.

The Verizon HTC One launch, if it ever happens, is going to happen late thanks to an HTC One U.S. launch that took place all the way back in April. And while it might launch late, there is still a chance for it to be successful. It’s just not going to be easy. Back in […]

8 Exciting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Competitors

The Galaxy Note 2's only real strength at this point is its price. And even that is flimsy.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is heavily rumored to be coming to shelves later this year to replace the current Galaxy Note model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. However, the Galaxy Note 3 won’t be alone this fall. In fact, the device will likely see a number of competitors emerge from the shadows in the […]

Verizon HTC One: Making Sense of the Rumors

The Verizon HTC One has resurfaced in release rumors.

The Verizon HTC One is heading to shelves at some point this summer, problem is, consumers do not know exactly when the device is going to be touching down on shelves. Making matters worse, consumers still don’t know how much the device will cost or what it will have on board when it finally does […]

Verizon HTC One Buyers Receive Some Good News

The Verizon HTC One has resurfaced in release rumors.

The elusive Verizon HTC One, which is official but is without any official details, has once again been pegged to have Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on board rather than the Android 4.1 operating systems that the variants on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are running right now. In June, HTC and Verizon confirmed the HTC One […]

Why You Should Wait for the Verizon HTC One

The Verizon HTC One has resurfaced in release rumors.

The Verizon HTC One is official, though, it continues to torture consumers with an unknown release date, mystery pricing and features that may or may not be the same as the other HTC One variants that have arrived in the United States. That said, many buyers are likely waging an internal debate about whether to […]

Verizon HTC One: What Buyers Need to Know

C Spire becomes the latest HTC One carrier in the U.S.

Sometime this summer, HTC and Verizon will finally release the HTC One, a device that first hit the United States back in April. For many, the Verizon HTC One will be an extremely tempting device though there are some things that consumers should know before picking up Verizon’s latest and greatest HTC smartphone. Earlier this […]

Verizon HTC One Release Could Be Weeks Away

Better build quality and less obtrusive software features drew me to the HTC One.

The Verizon HTC One finally has a possible release date as a leaked document seems to indicate that the HTC One release on Verizon could be taking place on August 1st, or, just a few weeks from now. For weeks now, rumors in regards to the HTC One on Verizon have waged on. The device […]

Verizon HTC One Release Date Passes Another Hurdle

How to Multitask on the HTC ONe (1)

The Verizon HTC One release just got one step closer as the device has passed through the FCC, just another hurdle that it needed to pass before its arrival on shelves sometime this summer. For weeks now, the Verizon HTC One has been official though the device remains without a release date or pricing as […]

Verizon HTC One Release Sees Another Possible Window

The Verizon HTC One has resurfaced in release rumors.

With HTC and Verizon refusing to divulge details in regards to the Verizon HTC One, frustrated buyers have been searching for answers. And while answers remain hard to find, we’ve seen several potential clues emerge with the most recent being an extension to a Google Play deal that was supposed to end on July 15th […]

Verizon HTC One Release Date: Don’t Count on September 5th

The Verizon HTC One release date may be August 1st.

Yesterday, we saw the first official Verizon HTC One image leak out, an image that showed off the looks of the Verizon model for the first time and also started a firestorm thanks to a date that scribed on the front of the device. And while that September 5th date remains a possibility when it […]

Verizon HTC One Release Passes Roadblock

The Verizon HTC One is all but certain to arrive with Android 4.2.

The Verizon HTC One, which is official but is still without a release date, appears to have passed a roadblock on its way to release as a new Bluetooth SIG certification has been discovered for a HTC HTC6500LVW, thought to be the Verizon HTC One. Several weeks ago, the Verizon HTC One was made official […]

Verizon HTC One: 4 Reasons Why It Will Come Before September

The Verizon HTC One has resurfaced in release rumors.

Verizon has dropped the price of the Droid DNA, its current flagship HTC smartphone, for a limited time. The price cut is yet another sign that the Droid DNA is being pushed out by Verizon in an attempt to clear shelves for the Verizon HTC One release which unfortunately still remains in the shadows as […]

Verizon HTC One Release Date: Does This Photo Tip September?

An alleged Verizon HTC One press photo contains a new date.

An alleged Verizon HTC One press photo shows a new date, which could tip the Verizon HTC One release date as much later than consumers would like. A small date in the press photo shows Thursday September 5th. While the dates on phones are not always an indicator of a release date, the HTC One […]

Verizon HTC One Release Promised “Soon” to Frustrated Buyers

The HTC One users a 4.7-inch design.

The Verizon HTC One is official but its release date, features and price remain unknown several weeks after it was first announced. Needless to say, prospective buyers are frustrated about how the launch has played out and for its part, HTC is telling those thinking about switching to other carriers that it will be out […]

Verizon HTC One: Everything We Think We Know

The Verizon HTC One has resurfaced in release rumors.

As we head deeper into the summer, the Verizon HTC One features and release date remain unknown even though the device is officially coming to shelves sometime between now and September 21st. In the meantime, it’s time to take a look at everything we think we know about the Verizon HTC One release date, its […]

Verizon HTC One Release Rumors Swirl

The HTC One mini display won't be as nice as the HTC One's.

The Verizon HTC One, which has been announced, but still isn’t out on shelves, has seen release rumors swirl in recent days with one insider claiming that it could be out in three to four weeks, meaning sometime in July, and some Verizon consumers claiming that Verizon representatives have said that it will be out […]

Verizon HTC One Release Remains in Flux as Summer Arrives

The Verizon HTC One remains possible.

With the first day of summer upon us and the Verizon HTC One set to arrive sometime during the summer months, the Verizon’s HTC One release unfortunately remains in flux with one source telling us that Verizon is taking things slow and that a release date still isn’t known. Several weeks ago, HTC and Verizon […]