VIA Announces Its Next Moves with the Surfboard NetNote


The great struggle for your mobile computing dollar continues. VIA Technologies is announcing its next move and the company is aiming for somewhere between the low cost Netbook market and the more profitable notebook market. VIA’s insertion is going to be called the Surfboard NetNote. The latter part of that name is sure to leave […]

Samsung NP-Q1EX UMPC Now at FCC


What? A new UMPC? Amazing. Apparently Samsung is still hanging in there with the UMPC form factor and continuing to refine the Q1 form factor that, in my opinion, was the class of the field in the short (very short) hey-day of the UMPC. The NP-Q1EX is running the VIA Nano ULV U2500 processor coupled […]

VIA Launches New Site: How To Be Mobile


VIA Technologies keeps on keeping on in the mobile space, although the majority of the coverage of late on the chips that power the Netbook segment (and others) seems to focus on Intel, as well as the new announcements and speculation about NVidia and ARM processors.

VIA Technologies at Lunch at Pieros


Truc will be posting up an interview with the reps from VIA Technologies soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of many of the Netbooks that they had on display at Lunch at Pieros. VIA is trumpeting its Nano Technology which we all know shows promise. Amazing though how many of these devices […]

Via Getting Ready to Combat the Atom


Via is getting ready to start some competition with Intel by putting out their own very low powered Dual Core 3000 processor.  I didn’t see any specs on the speed, but below you can read what the Cnet News article is saying: The dual-core version of the Via Nano 3000–due in late 2009 or 2010–may […]