Snapchat Takes on FaceTime with Video Chatting and Messaging

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 12.08.44 PM

The popular and unique photo-sharing app Snapchat has launched its biggest update yet on iPhone and Android devices, with the ability to video chat and message other users, on top of the ability to send self-distructing selfies. The new features will hopefully move Snapchat into the same arena as Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage services, and […]

Google Unifies Video Chat With Hangouts


Google is beginning to streamline and unify its video chat service in a bid to become more consumer-friendly and avoid brand confusion. The Internet giant is now replacing Google Talk’s video chat feature and is re-branding the video calling service under its Google+ Hangouts moniker. The move will likely bring familiarity to the Google+ social […]

Will Facebook Be Skype’s Tipping Point for Ubiquitous Mobile Video Calls?


On Wednesday, Facebook announced, along with its integration with Skype for video calls and chat, group chat with archived conversation history saved to your Facebook messages, and the ability to see your friends list for chatting organized based by whom you message most. The highlight of the announcement, however is video chat integration with Skype, […]

Archos Smart Home Phone Puts Android In Your House

Archos Smart Home Phone

Home phones have largely been ignored in our race to touch screen smartphones, but the new Android powered Archos Smart Home Phone¬†changes that trend. The Archos Android home phone has everything you would expect in a smartphone and connects to your DECT home phone system to deliver an Android smartphone that works at home. The […]

Skype Awaiting for Verizon to Release Official Skype with Video Android App


In an email to a Skype customer inquiry, video chat service Skype hinted that the company’s video chat app for Verizon Wireless is completed or near completion and that the app would be delivered directly from Verizon Wireless. The two companies had announced a close partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year where […]

Updated HTC Aria with Video Calling Seen at FCC?


It looks like an HTC-made device with the model number PB92300 has just passed through the FCC, the U.S. regulatory agency for communications devices including cellular phones. The device in question appears similar to the HTC Aria for U.S. carrier AT&T, which is Android device with HTC Sense, and comes complete with front and rear […]