How to Share Slo-Mo Videos on the iPhone 5s

2013-11-21 14.49.00

The iPhone 5s comes with a neat new camera feature that allows users to record video at 120 frames per second, which means that it plays back four times slower than normal speed. This is a great feature for catching fast-action situations like in sports or a car passing by, but the slo-mo feature doesn’t […]

What is Vine? Twitter’s New Video Sharing App


Today Twitter introduced its new way to share video online with the Vine app for iPhone. Vina is a new way to share video in six second clips to Twitter and Facebook. The service features its own app with its own timeline, but can automatically link to Twitter and Twitter cards because Twitter owns the […]

Google+ Media Sharing and Messaging Put iCloud to Shame

Google+ Photos

When Google launched Google+ many of us made the┬ámistake of thinking it was just another attempt from Google at being social. While Google+ is social, the real magic is in the Android Google+ app, which delivers on many of the iCloud features Apple announced at WWDC and frankly blows some of them out of the […]