After Music, Apple Focuses on Movies, TV Shows for iCloud


After having announced that the iCloud service will be announced at WWDC, Apple is now rumored to be leveraging its rumored cloud storage and streaming service for movies and TV shows in addition to music. The iCloud service has long been rumored as a transition to move iTunes to the cloud. The latest speculation has […]

With Movie Rentals, Google Sending Mixed Signals on Web Strategy


Despite having been an early backer of HTML5 with Android and its Chrome OS and browser, Google’s use of Adobe Flash technology to deliver movie rentals may be seen by some as contradictory to supporting open web technologies like HTML5 and its own WebM standard. At the Google I/O developer conference when Google had announced […]

Facebook Live Streaming Kicks Off with DaCast Streaming Service

DaCast Streaming over Facebook

DaCast is announcing live video streaming on Facebook. DaCast is a self streaming service which lets users not only live stream video like Ustream or Justin TV, but also helps users make money doing so. Users who are signed up for the DaCast service can stream their content by providing a link to their DaCast […]

T-Mobile in Britain Cuts Mobile Broadband Video to 500MB


Ouch. I’ve been expecting a move like this somewhere, sometime and it looks like it is here. At least in Great Britain. On February 1 T-Mobile will impose a 500MB “fair use” limit on streaming or downloading video on mobile users. (Don’t confuse the phrase “fair use” here with how it is used when talking […]

PogoPlug’s Next Device To Improve Video Streaming


The makers of one of my favorite gadgets, The PogoPlug see the shape of things to come (read web HD video) and the next PogoPlug device, appropriately called the PogoPlug Video. The PogoPlug video is built to help you stream that video from your own little personal cloud to whatever device you want to glue […]