HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 Video Comparison

The iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4 screen.

*+-The HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 all boast impressive cameras, but when you look at the results side-by-side a clear winner begins to emerge. In a series of videos below we get a look at the video and audio recording abilities of the HTC One compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4. And in a separate video […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands-On Video

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in black and white with an all plastic design.

*+-The Samsung Galaxy S4 blends a 5-inch 1080P HD display with a solid but plastic design and a collection of software features in a package that isn’t much larger than the Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S4 last night at a Radio City Music Hall with an over the top launch highlighting […]

Google Brings YouTube Capture App to iPad as Tablets Grow


*+-With more people using the cameras on their larger size tablets to capture photos and videos, Google is responding to the trend by porting its YouTube Capture app to be compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPad mini slates. The app was previously made for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it looks like Google has […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Allegedly Shows All

The back of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 in the video looks more plausible than those in photos from earlier this week.

*+-An alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 video leaked online providing a better look at the purported Samsung Galaxy S4 variant days ahead of the official Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in New York City. The three-minute video shows what the user claims is the Samsung Galaxy S4, GT-i9502, a Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is […]

Galaxy S3 vs. Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5 Size Comparison

We take a look at how the iPhone 5 bests the Xperia Z.

*+-The Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and Phone 5 are some of the most popular smartphones on the market, offering distinct screen sizes and features on all the major U.S. carriers. While these smartphones launched in 2012, they remain excellent choices for shoppers looking for a new smartphone in 2013, even with the Galaxy S4 […]

What the Apple iWatch Could Look Like (Video)

Apple iwatch Render - 8

*+-Apple is reportedly testing an iWatch in a top secret lab, and while we don’t have spy shots, we can share a great looking iWatch concept that shows what the Apple watch could look like. The Apple iWatch rumors picked up this week with both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal adding […]

iOS 7 Concept Videos: Potential iOS 7 Features Brought to Life

Video thumbnail for youtube video iOS 7 Concepts

*+-iOS 7 is expected later this year at WWDC, where we might also see the iPhone 5S, and while Apple is keeping the wraps on iOS 7, there are already a number of iOS 7 concept videos that show what Apple could do with iOS 7. These iOS 7 features and designs are not leaks from Apple, […]

Padcaster Helps Users Shoot Better Video With Their iPads


*+-At the Consumer Electronics Show, we saw an iPad mount called the Padcaster that will help users add video accessories and record better videos. The Padcaster has slots to add recording accessories, akin to higher-end consumer videocameras or professional videocameras, such as a hot shoe for video light, microphone holder, and an adapter mount for […]

Watch a ‘Physical’ Keyboard Rise Out of a Tablet Touchscreen (Video)

Tactus Morphing Touch Screen demos

*+-Tactus Technologies showed off a 7-inch Android tablet with a touch screen, that morphs into a “physical” keyboard on the screen so users can type quicker and more accurately. We first saw the Tactus Morphing Tactile display in an online demo in mid-2013, and now the company is ready to show off the technology inside a 7-inch […]

Intel Shows Off the First Ultrabook Convertible You’ll Buy (Video)

Intel Core i 4th Gen Demo

*+-The Intel 4th generation Core i processors take the battery and form factor boundaries pushed by today’s Intel Core i3 ULV processors at CES and push through to longer lasting notebook/tablet hybrids with better performance and new designs. The Intel Core i 4th generation processors will arrive in notebooks by the end of 2013 with retail […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mock-Up Video: Beautiful Design, Rumored Specs

Galaxy S4 Display

*+-The Samsung Galaxy S4 is star of a new video showing what the phone might look like, and what features and specs to expect when the Galaxy S4 is released in 2013. The Galaxy S4 video comes from Rozetked, highlighting the looks and rumored specs in a gorgeous looking two-minute video. The Galaxy S4 video […]

iOS 6: How to Take Photos While Shooting Video on the iPhone 5

Photo while taking video iPhone 5 iOS 6 - 8

*+-It’s possible to take a photo while shooting video on the iPhone 5 thanks to a new feature in iOS 6. This means users don’t need to choose between taking video and capturing a perfect photo opportunity. While shooting video on the iPhone 5 users can tap on the camera button to take a photo while […]

Galaxy S4 Unbreakable Display Rumored (Video)

Galaxy S4 unbreakable display

*+-The Galaxy S4 may arrive with a vastly improved unbreakable display when released in early 2013. The rumors of an unbreakable Galaxy S4 display arrive in tandem with talk of flexible smartphone displays, which may arrive in smartphones in 2013 or 2014. Analysts speaking to Reuters claim that the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 could feature […]

Redbox Instant Streaming Pricing and Launch Details Revealed Ahead of Launch


*+-In a posting on Redbox’s support site, which has since been taken down, launch details and pricing information for the instant video streaming service was revealed. The service, which hopes to take on Netflix’s Instant Streaming and Amazon’s Video on Demand internet streaming business for movies and TV shows, will be delivered through a partnership […]

AT&T Opens Up FaceTime Over 3G to All Subscribers Unofficially


*+-In a surprising and quiet move, AT&T has unofficially opened up its network to host FaceTime over 3G video calls for Apple iPhone subscribers on its 3G, 4G HSPA+, and LTE network. AT&T had initially limited FaceTime over 3G to customers who had subscribed to a mobile share plan, but the move was met with […]

Apple iPad mini Unboxing and First Impressions (Video)

apple ipad mni unboxing

*+-Apple launched the Apple iPad mini today with surprisingly less interest than expected shown by shorter lines at Apple stores and retail partners. Here’s our unboxing video and first impressions of the 32GB White Apple iPad mini. The iPad mini feels like a solid device. Early reviews remarked how light it feels, but it’s still […]

Watch Live Hurricane Sandy Coverage on iPhone and Android

Live Hurricane Sandy on iPhone & Android

*+-Users without power can still watch coverage of the former Hurricane Sandy, now classified as a Superstorm by the Weather Channel, on the iPhone or Android. As power and home internet connections are out, users can turn to their iPhone and Android devices to connect to the Internet and stream video of the storm thanks […]

How to Watch the iPad Mini Event Live

How to Watch iPad Mini Event Live Apple TV

*+-Apple takes over the California Theater in San Jose today to announce the iPad Mini and Apple fans are anxiously waiting for the live stream of the iPad Mini event to start. Apple will live stream the iPad Mini special event on the Apple TV and to the iPhone, iPad and Apple computers with Safari. […]

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Success with Cydia Running on iOS 6, Claims Video

iPhone 5 jailbreak video

*+-An unknown source claims success for an iPhone 5 jailbreak, showing off Cydia and Installous running on iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 in a short video posted to YouTube. The iPhone 5 jailbreak, and an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak are still not available to the public and the teams which typically release jailbreak software […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Beats iPhone 5 With Video Image Stabilization


*+-Smartphone-makers are adding more features that make handhelds a sufficient replacement for a digital video or still camera while on the go, including better sensors, better optics, and now image stabilization. Nokia unveiled its Lumia 920 flagship first and promised that its optical image stabilization for capturing non-shaky video is among the best in the […]