How to Add Words to the Dictionary on Android

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Typing on our smartphones and tablets has improved immensely over the past few years. Google’s own keyboard is getting smarter and smarter, and third party alternatives like SwiftKey and Swype are excellent. However, there is a dictionary on Android it tries to follow, and as a result some words or names always get corrected, even […]

CS Student Turns iPhone Accelerometer Into Virtual Keyboard

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Tired of pecking out small keys on the iPhone’s small display? Well, computer science student Florian Kraeutli¬†at Goldsmiths University has found a way to leverage a flat, solid surface along with the iPhone’s accelerometer to create a virtual full-sized keyboard, called Vibrative, so users can touch type. Essentially, Kraeutli’s innovation requires a user to place […]

Review: The iKeyboard for the iPad


iPads (and other Tablets) have spawned a big business in portable keyboards. Despite what some still say about Tablets only being consumption devices, accessory makers seem to know that some of us do like to use our Tablets for typing occasionally. They’ve certainly invested in a number of keyboard solutions to take advantage of this. […]

RIM Isn’t Ditching Physical Keyboards with BlackBerry 10

RIM Isn't Ditching Physical Keyboards with BlackBerry 10

Earlier today, RIM posted a short video showing off its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system. The video depicts a new virtual keyboard complete with predictive text and it left some wondering whether RIM would still be releasing phones with physical QWERTY keyboards. Without going into specifics, the company confirmed that it will not be abandoning […]

SnapKeys Virtual Keyboard Lets You Type Blindly (Video)


At CTIA last week, SnapKeys was promoting its new virtual keyboard as one that allows you to type blindly. Rather than employing a full-sized keyboard like rival Swype, the SnapKeys concept utilizes only four keys for letters and two additional keys for functions such as backspace, delete, alternate characters, and punctuations along with an intelligent […]