OnLive Desktop Switches Its OS to Appease Microsoft

OnLive Desktop

Last month it came to light that Microsoft had a problem with OnLive Desktop, the app that puts the Windows desktop on the iPad and Android tablets. Now it looks like the two companies have settled their differences. The issue with OnLive Desktop was the app previously offered a virtualized Windows 7 desktop to users […]

Xoom Gives Android the Boot and Boots Into Ubuntu


Since hackers have tinkered to unlock and root the Motorola 3.0 Honeycomb tablets, developers who are looking for a bit more raw Linux power on their Motorola Xoom devices have devised a way to load the slate with the Ubuntu operating system. The way to get Ubuntu working is similar to running a virtual machine […]

Myriad Alien Dalvik Allows Android Apps to Run on Maemo, Symbian


Myriad’s Alien Dalvik is a Java virtual machine that allows Android apps to run on a foreign platform. Similar to virtualization technology that doesn’t require the native environment, like Wine which allows Windows programs to run on Linux and OS X sans a virtualized copy of the Windows operating system, Alien Dalvik will allow Android […]

VMware Demonstrates Virtualization on an Android Smartphone


At Mobile World Congress, VMware was demonstrating its virtualization technology on an Android smartphone, which allows multiple smartphone operating systems to be run simultaneously at the same time, not to be confused with a dual-boot solution that boots into either operating system separately. This will allow users to have their personal smartphone also serve as […]

VMWare Brings Virtualization Technology to Mobile


VMWare is bringing its virtualization technology to mobile in an effort to help enterprise users combine their work phone and personal phone into one device. This will help to give users the ability to customize and download non-work approved apps on the personal side, allowing end-users to endlessly customize their devices without fear of security […]

Importing Virtual Disk Images

GottaBeMobile reader, Taxman, sent a few questions about virtualization.  He writes, “Can you tell me more about how virtual box compares to the commercial products (VMWare and Parallels) on a Mac?  Does it work the same?” VirtualBox offers basically the same features, although it may appear to be a little rougher around the edges.  With […]

Become more mobile with multiple operating systems.

Ever want to run Windows XP/Vista on a Mac?  Ever want to try out Linux on your PC without having to  remove or uninstall Windows?  If so, Virtualization is your answer.  Virtualization is becoming a more popular and easier way to install multiple operating systems on one computer without compromising speed or having to deal […]