Google Voice for Android Brings Voicemail Integration to Android 4.0

Google Voice for Android

The new Google Voice for Android update integrates Google Voice visual voicemail with the dialer app in Ice Cream Sandwich. Now users will be able to view all their voicemail in the same app on their ICS phones. The new Google Voice for Android uses an API that Google gave to carriers to integrate its […]

Why Visual Voicemail Is Not Available on Ice Cream Sandwich at Launch


Following confirmation that Adobe Flash Player, currently in version 11, is missing at launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, Google is now letting users know why the anticipated visual voicemail feature has also not appeared on Galaxy Nexus smartphones as sales of the phone have begun. According to Google, the feature is supported in Ice Cream […]

AT&T’s Cloud Messages Takes On Google Voice


Long gone are the days when your voicemails and text messages are tied to not just your mobile number, but to your mobile phone. Thanks to the advent of visual voicemail, popularized by Apple’s iPhone, and to Internet-based and VoIP services like Google Voice, your messages are now accessible whenever, wherever. AT&T is even taking […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Rumored to Come with Visual Voicemail Support


In addition to more substantive features update behind the Mango build for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s forthcoming firmware update for its mobile operating system may also come with support for visual voicemail. The idea behind visual voicemail was first popularized by Apple’s iPhone, which shows voicemail in an app interface where users can tap on […]