3 Always-On Features Coming to the Moto X And What That May Mean For You


The leaks surrounding Motorola’s hotly anticipated Moto X flagship continue to make waves, and now we’re learning of three new features that will be introduced with the smartphone, including new always-on voice commands, intuitive notifications, and gestures to quickly launch and activate the camera for mobile photographers. The Moto X is expected to debut in […]

Exclusive: LG Working on Phone With Always On Voice Commands for 2014


Three different sources who are familiar with the situation revealed to Gotta Be Mobile that┬áLG will be launching a new Android smartphone with always-on voice commands in 2014. However, unlike the voice commands employed by digital assistant services like Apple’s Siri or the Google Now search, LG will be implementing voice command more broadly for […]

Meet Ziggy, Siri’s Cousin for Windows Phone


Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car and want to multitask away on their phone while driving may look on to Siri with envy if they don’t already own an iPhone 4S. Thankfully, third-party developers for Windows Phone 7 have come up with a solution for Microsoft’s mobile platform […]

Google Already Working on Siri Competitor for Android


Apple’s personal voice assistant on iOS, Siri, has garnered a lot of buzz, for better or worse, since the release of the iPhone 4S, which is the device that the voice command software is available on. Since then, various developers have tried to replicate Siri’s success on Google’s open mobile OS Android with titles such […]

Siri Voice Technology, 4G LTE a Possibility for Fall’s iPhone 5 Launch?


Now that WWDC has been officially announced–and sold out–by Apple, rumors are swirling that the next-generation iPhone 5 will break tradition and won’t be announced this Summer. Instead, the iPhone refresh will jump to Fall and will join the iPod Touch to herald in the next iteration of the iOS software that powers the iPhone, […]

VoiceActivator Expands Voice Control on iPhone, Requires Jailbreak


A new hack will now enable expanded voice control through Apple’s iOS iPhone Voice Control feature, which will give users better system-wide access of the iPhone through spoken commands. The hack, called VoiceActivator, will augment Voice Control’s capabilities, but does require jailbreaking and is available in the jailbreak app store called Cydia. Voice Control was […]

Nuance SDK Helps Developers Add Speech to iOS, Android Apps


Nuance, makers of speech recognition engines such as the Dragon suite for mobile and desktop platforms, has announced that it is offering the Dragon Mobile SDK through a self-service website as part of the Nuance Mobile Developer Program. The SDK will work for developers looking to create iOS or Android apps and will be available […]