Google Turns Contacts into Relationships, Lets you “Call Mom”

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.57.25 AM

Voice controls and search on mobile devices is nothing new, but Google Search has continued to improve with each and every update, that it is now becoming one of the most powerful and useful features of Android. As if Google didn’t automate enough things or know plenty about us already, the newest Google Search update […]

Why You Should Just Avoid Siri in the Car: It’s Not Safe

Image courtesy of AAA

While smartphone companies and car-makers are converging to promote new connectivity and inter-connectivity options inside your dash in an effort to espouse safer, hands-free use of technology while driving, you may want to wait before you jump in and get any of those options. According to the latest report by the¬†American Automobile Association, also known […]

How to Use Favorites as an iPhone Speed Dial


There is no iPhone Speed dial setting for the iPhone, even in the latest iOS 6 betas. While Android smartphones and flip phones allow users to hold down a number on the keypad to speed dial a contact, Apple relies on a different method of quickly calling contacts. iPhone Phone Favorites allow users to create […]

HTC Teases Voice Control App For HTC Sense

HTC Voice Control teaser

It looks like HTC won’t let Samsung have all the Siri-cloning fun. The manufacturer is teasing its own voice control app in a not-so-subtle way. Today HTC posted an image to its Facebook page of what looks like a voice control app with some Sense design. The image shows a dog “talking” to the app, […]

Voice Control is for (Beach) Bums


While iCloud helped make my Hawaii trip worry-free tech-wise, the element of my iPhone I found most relaxing was Voice Control. If you ever question the value of voice control, an easy cure is to use it while walking to and along the beach.

Dolphin Browser for iPhone Gets Siri-like Voice Contol

Dolphin Browser iPhone Sonar

Dolphin Browser for the iPhone is a great alternative to Mobile Safari, and with the new Sonar feature iPhone owners have another reason to try this iPhone browser. Dolphin Browser¬†is better than ever with Sonar, a voice control feature that lets users browse by voice. Sonar is a $0.99 in-app purchase on the iPhone, but […]

The Voice Controlled Future: Your Gadgets Are Listening

Dragon TV Voice

Voice controlled gadgets are not new, but for the first time in years the technology is god enough that we can use it on a regular basis, as a means of interacting with our smartphones when fingers and tapping just wont do. We’ve moved from ‘simple’ apps that turn our speech into text to more […]

Dolphin Sonar for Android Lets You Search & Browse With Your Voice

Dolphin Sonar Screenshots

Today the Dolphin Browser for Android got a slick update that adds Dolphin Sonar, a Siri like feature that allows you to search and browse with your voice. Dolphin Sonar for Android is integrated into the Dolphin browser and offers simple voice controls for searches and common browser tasks. To activate Dolphin Sonar, you can […]

Nuance Acquires Vlingo to Bring Natural Voice UI to Market


Nuance, which powers Apple’s voice personal assistant feature known as Siri on the iPhone 4S, has announced that it is acquiring rival Vlingo to help it bring its natural user interface powered by voice to the market. Vlingo offers a competitive voice app and competing product to Siri on competing phones right now, including BlackBerry […]

Google Already Working on Siri Competitor for Android


Apple’s personal voice assistant on iOS, Siri, has garnered a lot of buzz, for better or worse, since the release of the iPhone 4S, which is the device that the voice command software is available on. Since then, various developers have tried to replicate Siri’s success on Google’s open mobile OS Android with titles such […]

Why Siri is a Big Deal


New to the iPhone 4S will be a software personal assistant named Siri. Simply by speaking a request in natural language, Siri will perform a task to the best of its ability. This is a big deal. If you don’t believe me, just ask Bill Gates.

Apple Announces Siri Assistant for iPhone 4S

Siri Assistant

The much talked about voice control Assistant from Siri is very real and Apple has announced it today. The Siri voice control is brought up in the same way as the original iPhone voice control. You hold down the home button and it brings up Siri which will listen in on things that you might […]

Voice Control May Morph into a Virtual Assistant on iPhone 5


There is really nothing new when it comes to next version iPhone speculation. In fact, it almost seems like we may have reached a tipping point, where there might actually be a back lash of some sort. But on it goes. Ever since Apple acquired Siri and rumors began swirling about Apple and Nuance, makers […]

Siri Voice Technology, 4G LTE a Possibility for Fall’s iPhone 5 Launch?


Now that WWDC has been officially announced–and sold out–by Apple, rumors are swirling that the next-generation iPhone 5 will break tradition and won’t be announced this Summer. Instead, the iPhone refresh will jump to Fall and will join the iPod Touch to herald in the next iteration of the iOS software that powers the iPhone, […]

VoiceActivator Expands Voice Control on iPhone, Requires Jailbreak


A new hack will now enable expanded voice control through Apple’s iOS iPhone Voice Control feature, which will give users better system-wide access of the iPhone through spoken commands. The hack, called VoiceActivator, will augment Voice Control’s capabilities, but does require jailbreaking and is available in the jailbreak app store called Cydia. Voice Control was […]