How to Swear on Android (And Disable Blocking Offensive Words)


*+-Last week we shared some details regarding how to add words to the dictionary on your Android device, which spawned a few questions from readers, one which many of you have dealt with in the past. Swearing and using curse words. If you want to swear, go ahead, but Android has a few settings that […]

Vocre Translation App For iPhone Makes Cross-Language Conversations Easy


*+-Add another Star Trek technology to the list of things that now exist in real life: the Universal Translator. Well, Vocre isn’t “universal” per se — I’m sure it wouldn’t be able to do Vulcan — but it will make conversing with people who speak different Earth-bound languages a lot easier. Vocre is an app […]

TellMe Brings Voice Navigation to Maps on Windows Phone Mango


*+-In newly released information about Windows Phone 7’s Mango software update, Microsoft says that TellMe’s voice navigation–which is akin to Google’s Voice Search for Android, third-party Vllingo app, or the Voice Control feature of Apple’s iOS–feature will also be available for navigating maps. In addition to using your voice to navigate maps, as part of […]