Apple Rigs Siri to Declare the iPhone as Best Smartphone


Last week just when CTIA was beginning, users who asked Apple’s personal digital assistant Siri what the best smartphone available is got a surprising result–Siri told them that the best iPhone, based on user reviews, is the Nokia Lumia 900. The data that drives Siri comes from Wolfram Alpha and the result should be unsurprising […]

FCC Hoping to End Bill Shock With New Alert System


The FCC is hoping to protect American wireless consumers from unsightly–and unexpected–high cellular phone and data bills with a new alert system that would warn mobile subscribers when you’re near your limits. With the nation’s two largest national carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless having already moved to tiered and metered data plans, the FCC’s alert […]

Apple to Bring Siri to Mac Via iPhone?


While Siri voice functionality has so far been limited to the iPhone–the voice assistant program was noticeably absent on Apple’s latest revision of its iPad tablet and only appears in limited dictation form, and is still missing in action on the Mac–Apple may be looking to expand Siri to other devices. Rather than have Siri […]

T-Mobile to Introduce Unlimited Any Mobile Plan April 4


According to a leaked document, T-Mobile USA may introduce a plan add-on that will allow its customers in the U.S. to call any domestic mobile number and not have those calls count against their monthly minute allotments. The document was obtained by T-Mobile news-centric blog TmoNews and indicates that the plan will cost an extra […]

Dolphin Sonar for Android Lets You Search & Browse With Your Voice

Dolphin Sonar Screenshots

Today the Dolphin Browser for Android got a slick update that adds Dolphin Sonar, a Siri like feature that allows you to search and browse with your voice. Dolphin Sonar for Android is integrated into the Dolphin browser and offers simple voice controls for searches and common browser tasks. To activate Dolphin Sonar, you can […]

Leaked HTC Endeavor ROM Reveals HTC-Made Siri Competitor


HTC may be taking on Apple outside of court as well by introducing a Siri competitor to bring a better voice and speech recognition engine called HTC Speak. Mention of HTC Speak was seen as part of a leaked ROM for the forthcoming HTC Endeavor smartphone, which was previously rumored to be called the HTC […]

Verizon to Launch National VoLTE Service in 2013 and Why That Matters


According to VP at Northland Capital Markets Catharine Trebnick, Verizon Wireless will deploy a national VoLTE, or voice over LTE, service in 2013. The timeline for VoLTE described by Trebnick is later than the anticipated 2012 date that Verizon had promised before, and the carrier could still trial VoLTE in select markets prior to a national deployment […]

Meet Ziggy, Siri’s Cousin for Windows Phone


Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car and want to multitask away on their phone while driving may look on to Siri with envy if they don’t already own an iPhone 4S. Thankfully, third-party developers for Windows Phone 7 have come up with a solution for Microsoft’s mobile platform […]

Spire Ports Siri to Older Jailbroken iPhones


Developers are now making it easy for users of previous-generation jailbroken iPhones to join in on the popular voice personal assistant Siri, a feature that has so far only been available to iPhone 4S owners. Jailbroken devices can now head on to the Cydia app store (jailbreak required) to download the Spire app developed by […]

Nuance Acquires Vlingo to Bring Natural Voice UI to Market


Nuance, which powers Apple’s voice personal assistant feature known as Siri on the iPhone 4S, has announced that it is acquiring rival Vlingo to help it bring its natural user interface powered by voice to the market. Vlingo offers a competitive voice app and competing product to Siri on competing phones right now, including BlackBerry […]

Google Already Working on Siri Competitor for Android


Apple’s personal voice assistant on iOS, Siri, has garnered a lot of buzz, for better or worse, since the release of the iPhone 4S, which is the device that the voice command software is available on. Since then, various developers have tried to replicate Siri’s success on Google’s open mobile OS Android with titles such […]

Android’s Siri Clone Fails to Impress


The Internet has been abuzz with news that Siri may have been cloned and magically transported to Android, giving iOS’s more open rival the chance to perform conversational voice commands and recognition. However, hope for a voice assistant feel flat when the clone, called Cluzee, was put to the test and failed to impress the […]

Navigon 2.0 for iOS Now Available


After having released its debut smartphone GPS voice-guided navigation app for Windows Phone 7 and updated the version for Android, Navigon is back with a new second major revision for iOS in the form of Navigon 2.0. Navigon’s GPS navigation app is among my favorites for all three platform, and the nice part about the […]

Apple: Siri Not Coming to Older iPhone Models


Apple has gone on record to say that Siri is a function only reserved for the current-generation flagship iPhone 4S and the personal voice assistant feature, deemed as innovative by many, will not be appearing on iPhone 4 or older models. The strategy is actually in line with what the software-maker has been doing for […]

Siri, Can I Use a Different Voice?

Siri Logo

As soon as Apple announced the Siri assistant app for the iPhone 4S, the first question many users wanted to ask is, “Can I change the voice of Siri?” The new Siri assistant app is a virtual personal assistant that can do things you ask, by talking to it like you would a person. Siri talks back […]

Windows Phone Mango Announces Caller ID Information


It looks like with the forthcoming Mango software update for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is bringing back a beloved feature from its Windows Mobile era. Previously, with the now defunct Windows Mobile platform and the optional Microsoft Voice Command software pack, users can set their phones to not only ring with custom ringtones, but also […]