How to Fix iPhone that Doesn’t Ring, But Shows Voicemail

How to fix an iPhone that doesn't ring and sends calls straight to voicemail.

“Help, I am not getting calls, but my iPhone¬†keeps showing voicemail!” This is a common complaint that we hear in Verizon, AT&T and the Apple Store from customers who are frustrated at missing calls because the iPhone doesn’t ring and then suddenly they see that they have voicemail. Users often think this is a major […]

How to Overhaul Your Voicemail with Google Voice


Traditional carrier voicemail isn’t that bad, but it’s annoying when your callers have to hear your greeting and then listen through a robotic woman talking about what your options are, like “to hear a callback number, press 1. Or for more options, press 2.” This gets really annoying. Plus, with traditional voicemail, you can only […]

How to Change the iPhone Voicemail Message

Tap Phone

While the iPhone is a multipurpose tool, one of the essential functions of the device still is to make and receive calls. Although phone calls are becoming more of a thing of the past (thanks to text messages and other online chat services), many times a phone call can get your message across more¬†efficiently. If […]

Google Voice for Android Brings Voicemail Integration to Android 4.0

Google Voice for Android

The new Google Voice for Android update integrates Google Voice visual voicemail with the dialer app in Ice Cream Sandwich. Now users will be able to view all their voicemail in the same app on their ICS phones. The new Google Voice for Android uses an API that Google gave to carriers to integrate its […]

Why Visual Voicemail Is Not Available on Ice Cream Sandwich at Launch


Following confirmation that Adobe Flash Player, currently in version 11, is missing at launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, Google is now letting users know why the anticipated visual voicemail feature has also not appeared on Galaxy Nexus smartphones as sales of the phone have begun. According to Google, the feature is supported in Ice Cream […]

AT&T’s Cloud Messages Takes On Google Voice


Long gone are the days when your voicemails and text messages are tied to not just your mobile number, but to your mobile phone. Thanks to the advent of visual voicemail, popularized by Apple’s iPhone, and to Internet-based and VoIP services like Google Voice, your messages are now accessible whenever, wherever. AT&T is even taking […]

Google Voice Global Spam Filter Ends Unwanted Calls

Google Voice Spam Filter

Are you sick of calls from “Cardholder Services” and other spam phone calls? We’re not talking about the average telemarketer that plays by the rules, but the overnight shops that plague you with false promises and annoys you with robocalls. If you have Google Voice, you can send these calls, texts and voicemail direct to […]

Voicemail Hacking: How to Keep Your Calls Safe

voicemail indicator

Voicemail hacking. It sounds like something out of a conspiracy theory or spy novel, but recent events in the U.K. have shown that anyone from a murdered 13 year old to Hugh Grant can be a victim of voicemail tapping or hacking. Unfortunately, voicemail hacking is pretty easy to pull off with a collection of […]