Tesla Model S Outsells Chevrolet Volt in North America

Tesla Model S

Tesla is having a tumultuous year, legally. They recently won the right to sell their Model S vehicles in New York, but then were denied sales in Virginia. Tesla is gaining ground in Texas, though, with a new factory and model on the line. When it comes to sales though, Elon Musk’s Tesla must be motivated by […]

Chevy Volt Outsells Nissan Leaf in 2012


Everyone’s been paying attention to the very public disagreement between The New York Times and Tesla, but the real news is that in 2012 the all-electric Nissan Leaf was outsold by the range-extended Chevrolet Volt. With 30,090 units sold in 2012 that more than tripled the Volt’s 2011 sales. Growth of plug-in electric vehicles has […]

BlackBerry Monaco/Monza to Be Called BlackBerry Volt?

BlackBerry Touch

The BlackBerry Touch aka BlackBerry Monza/Monaco is likely going to be RIM’s next all-touchscreen smartphone and while it’s still a complete unknown to when – specifically at least – it’s going to be launching, it appears that when it does make it to market, it might be called the BlackBerry Volt. It comes as no […]